Iga Świątek plays the open card. Straight on the money and the difficult situation. “It was disappointing”

A simple question like:Ega, how do you remember your little victory here?What impact did this have on your future career? Because you always speak so warmly about the youth performances in Paris. Do you have any specific memories related to this tournament?” one of my colleagues asked. Very interesting topic during Iga Świątek’s meeting with journalists. It was the thread that dominated the press conference after the Polish player qualified for the third round of the Wimbledon Championship. A moment earlier, our star confidently beat Croatian Petra Martic in two sets..

Iga Šwiętek: I was disappointed, nothing had changed in my life at all

– I have fond memories because it was the first sign of its kind for me. I can achieve something in tennis in the future.. Even though it was a junior tournament, it put a lot of hope in my heart, after all, not many people win junior Grand Slams. Then you can already tell that maybe something will come of it, right? And this is despite the fact that But tennis for young and old is a whole different story. “I have your back,” said Iga. As it soon turned out, this was just a prelude to what else she had to say on the subject.

– The only chance to talk about that is here. I want to tell people who ask me about it that it’s not like I won Wimbledon when I was a junior, so my game on grass looks great or it should be easy for me to play on this surface. As I mentioned, Tennis is completely different, it is played slow and “uphill”.which is completely different from anything we currently offer as top players on these pitches – Iga pointed out to delve deeper into this topic and its complexity.

– This success certainly changed my approach to what I could achieve. But I also remember when I came home After winning those four junior grand slams, I was disappointed. The fact that I have achieved tremendous success and nothing has changed at all in my life. I came home and did basically the same thing.Well, I was greeted by a few people in town, congratulated, there were a lot of journalists waiting at the airport and there were a lot of interviews, but after two weeks everything was back to normal. I had a feeling like, “Jesus, doesn’t that mean that if I achieve some big success, my life will now be turned upside down?” And It was like a cold shower. It consists of understanding that the moment of victory is great, it lasts for some time, but then new challenges come and you forget about success – IGA broke it down into its primary factors.

Iga Świątek: I feel like I can develop game by game/Polsat Sport/Polsat Sport

Accused Coach Thomas Viktorowski She also referred to financial issues. Here too she had a rough landing, as far as she could remember.

– I wish winning such a tournament would give me some financial security. These days It wasn’t like it was easy and we had a lot of money. To develop. I think my father should be… – At this point, Iga interrupted herself for a moment. In the background there was an announcement that one of the next tennis players was going to meet the press.

Iga Świątek on recent earnings. “My dad had to run for help”

Świątek switched to English for a moment and smiled apologizing for going on at such length. But after getting the green light from her supervisor, she continued.

– Instead, my father often turned to others for help, and I thought that by winning the Junior Grand Slam, I would feel more secure in that regard. But that wasn’t the case at all. In that sense it was a bit disappointing for me, but of course it gave me a lot of experience. Overall, playing the Grand Final on Court No. 1, with such a crowd, was great.

~ Add the best tennis player in the world.

When asked if it was necessary to win her first Grand Slam, the 2020 French Open, she replied:

– In general, I think so. Because it was really not easy. Only after these four Grand Slams did I have enough money to be able to save myself for the future. And usually, what I earned, except maybe the fourth round of Roland in 2019, went directly into further development. It was not actually known whether there would be sponsors or not.. Sometimes I get the impression that it’s not easy to trust young players to achieve anything. It wasn’t as if many companies were willing to help, which I understand. As long as I have 30k followers on Instagram, we probably won’t collaborate.. And after Roland it became a little easier – said Iga Svetik in a completely open manner. And this also did not escape the attention of the brothers’ journalists.

In a sense, there are no secrets here. It’s an important part of everyone’s life. – Iga Świątek summarized her very valuable and important argument.

Arthur Jack, Wimbledon

I came to your rescue/Marijan Morat / DPA / dpa Picture Alliance via AFP/France Press agency

I came to your rescue/PAP/EPA/Adam Vaughan/People’s Action Party

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