Iga Świątek is working hard for masters in Mexico.  See what equipment

But let’s start with what’s behind it. On the West Coast of the United States, Iga did a lot of training work. On the field, but also in the gym. She was so happy the last few days.

– We spent the last week at the University of Southern California. Great atmosphere, great people, great opportunity to train hard. Every day was fun. Thanks Tweet embed Tweet embed Tweet embed To accept me on campus and for help – Iga wrote on her social profiles. And it must be admitted that the conditions in which I trained were fantastic.

Armstrong, Lucas, Schwarzkopf

The university you attended is one of the best and most famous in the entire United States. Based in Los Angeles, it currently educates approximately 35,000. students. Its graduates include the greatest personalities from various walks of life. Among others, astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to appear on the moon, General Norman Schwarzkopf, head of the famous Operation Desert Storm during the first Iraq War or George Lucas, director and founder of Star Wars, graduated. Here. The famous OJ Simpson and Warren Christopher, former Secretary of State under Bill Clinton also studied here. Iga had the opportunity to learn about the great history and the people who decide and decide the fate of our planet. This university has existed since 1880.

Swiatek did a giant job right away. Her whole team was with her – coach Pyotr Serzbotovsky, physical preparation coach and physiotherapist Maciej Riszczuk and psychologist Daria Abramovich. And the superior equipment that is not lacking here. Working conditions were perfect. Iga trained hard in a USC jersey. At that time, she played an urgent student at the University of Southern California.

“I’m doing my pre-season here,” said our tennis player, who is “going through” very unusual training patterns this season. The game is not over this season yet and one of the most important beginnings in the competition is ahead of her, meanwhile our tennis player is already building her level for the 2022 season. And she’s talking about it out loud.

where exactly? Well, in the hut, where she joined via Tecnifibre with US Open champion Daniil Medvedev. She was asked if she was really nervous about Masters. – I have been nervous all my life – I joked, adding that the tournament in Guadalajara will be held at an unusual height and you should get used to it.

Medvedev’s advice – watch out for 5:1

Medvedev knows what pressure is. And he had many valuable comments to her. He warned Iga to be careful on her first masters. My first experience was not good. I will not talk about it here. Be careful when you lead 5-1 in the third set. Even when you have a toy ball, be careful. This is my main and my advice – he joked, warning also with his finger, and Iga too could not help but smile after that. But she listened. After all, a guy spoke to her who, after what happened a year ago, won the last Masters tournament in London. In the video below, you can see briefly who the Russian was leading 5-1 in the 2019 season, with whom he had the match ball and what happened next. Iga should also look at this video and get acquainted with the words of the Russian master.

– Do not talk with your team, do not show emotions – go on to describe such moments as Medvedev. – Just try to finish the game. This is the main experience that I learned from my first master’s thesis – explained. However, it came to his health, because he subsequently won all matches, including defeating Novak Djokovic in the group.

Medvedev admitted that he has never played for Latin America, but hopes that IGA in Mexico will adapt its style to the new region and destroy rivals. He used the word destroy. So the firepower of your lips is also well known on the men’s tour.

This is tennis like a pretzel

Iga, in turn, said that Daniil Medvedev is on the field like a piece of candy. So she can curve her tall body like… well, we all know what’s going on. The Russian first realized what is salted. Then he knew, but did not realize that someone could talk about his tennis like Iga, who certainly discussed these matters with Pyotr Serzbotovsky. And I tried to explain it to the US Open champion. Fun and in a fun way. He admitted that he heard something like this for the first time. And his new and very popular nickname is likely to be coming soon. Daniel “Pretzel” Medvedev. You admit that it looks appetizing…

Then Daniel admitted that at the beginning of the tennis path he was very uncoordinated. But very often that he did many things in a non-technical way, and Iga explained to him that they, along with her coach, were doing their best to stabilize her position even more. And that her silhouette was compressed. Daniel said that despite these shortcomings, he has developed a technique with his French coach that allows him to keep his balance. She is now in complete control of her body. – I can’t explain why I play this way, but the most important thing here is to put the ball on the field – that was the message of his words at a time when there were some technical complications.

beast of alexandria

Then the conversation was joined by Mohamed El-Shorbagy, or “The Beast of Alexandria,” where the moderator introduced the player. He is a squash champion who has won not one, but three times in the United States. Three British Open, which can be considered Wimbledon in the sport. In this way, the Egyptian, to which Iga greeted loudly “wuuuu”, was announced. She admitted that she played a little squash, but tennis is easier for her. Piotr Sierzputowski feels much better in this discipline. Muhammad talked about what it means to be #1 at something, because Danielle and Ega haven’t had a chance yet. Medvedev is No. 2, Swiatek was more recently No. 4. Maybe one day they’ll be 1s. Tell the Egyptian what needs to be done to make it happen. At least in his specialty.

Watch the video with Daniil Medvedev and Ega Švetik. Polish women join in the 32nd minute – you are welcome…

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