Iga Swi±tek criticizes the powers of tennis.  He's still trying to translate it, but tennis spreads his hands

We can be proud of it Iga Christmas. And this time it’s not about her appearance in court. Although the Polish woman is one of the youngest participants in the Roland Garros tournament, she appears more mature when asked about the war in Ukraine, Wimbledon and the decisions of the tennis authorities regarding the Russians. He outshines older and more experienced stars Tennis: Rafael Nadal, Garbine Muguruza, Naomi OsakaStan Wawrinka or Sloan Stevens.

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Iga Świątek is excited to perform in Poland. “I want to draw energy from the stands”

Stars comment on the decision of the tennis authorities

Let’s start with the tennis stars. As Sport.pl, we went to Paris for press conferences of the most successful tennis players, then Iga Christmas To compare their statements.

The last thing I think about at the moment is the points at Wimbledon. I have no opinion on this matter. It’s under discussion, I’m listening to both sides, but I don’t know what to say now,” said Garbine Muguruza, a two-times Grand Slam champion, who is nervous after his first-round defeat.

Her compatriot Rafael Nadal was more talkative. – I have no clear opinion. There is always a person and a board on the side of the tournament to make decisions, and the rest of the people running the event follow that stance. In the ATP competitions, every player has a different opinion, so we never achieve what we could have if we were together – said the 21-time Grand Slam champion.

Whether you are with it or against it, it doesn’t matter today. The ATP Council decides. We have to accept it. I’m not going to be a player who will come and put the board in a difficult position to make their decision. I think that we as tennis players are not properly prepared to make important decisions because it is ultimately an individual sport. “I understand both sides,” Nadal added. The Spaniard spread his hands helplessly several times during his speech. As if he wanted to convey by word and sign that there was nothing he could do.

– I’m glad that when there was a mistake at Wimbledon, the ATP showed that there would be consequences. I support and unite tennis players. A few days ago, I learned that there is a document from the British government that contains the recommendations for Wimbledon. This was not mentioned before. It was not agreed with anyone, neither with the players nor with the ATP. Excluding Russians and Belarusians was a bad decision. I don’t support it. It’s a very sensitive topic these days, Novak Djokovic said at the conference.

Won’t Osaka play Wimbledon?

Naomi Osaka has admitted that she is not sure if she would have played at Wimbledon if they had not been awarded points for it. – I’m not 100 percent sure if I’ll play at Wimbledon. I would like to gain experience on grass courts, but at the same time I am the type of player who motivates me by seeing how my place in the rankings grows – she said at the conference in English. To Japanese journalists, she added, “I feel like a performance at Wimbledon without points would be like a show. I know it’s not right, but my brain feels that way. When I think of a show event, I can’t give 100 percent of myself.”

Sloane Stephens went further. – I think this decision is correct. There was a lot going on behind the scenes that the media wasn’t even aware of. How this issue is handled has not been properly judged. I support our powers, and I support my advice, tennis players. It is clear that the decision was not taken seriously. The American hero said in a confident voice: We were led into a corner and that was the only thing we could do US Open 2017. Most importantly, Stevens is a member of the WTA Board, which authorities have consulted about the position.

Last year’s champion Roland Garros Czech Barbora Krejsikova was surprised when Sport.pl asked her at a press conference about the decision of the WTA and the ATP to deny Wimbledon points. “This is the decision of the WTA authorities. We have different opinions on this, but in the end it is the decision of our authorities. We can only adapt to it,” she said.

Three months into the World Cup and Lyon is still considering a procedure

When asked three-time Grand Slam champion Stan Wawrinka, he answered quickly and succinctly: “As for Wimbledon, I don’t have an opinion yet.” “I’ve heard that the prize pool at Wimbledon will go down. If that happens, I’ll choose the holiday instead of the championship,” said Italian Fabio Fognini in a barrage of devotion, smiling perfectly. Britain’s Cameron Norrie has warned that top players may boycott Wimbledon as a showpiece event.

Iga is younger, and looks more mature

How different, compared to older tennis stars, 20-year-old Ega looks Christmas. The Polish women know that their words as leaders in the WTA rankings are even stronger. Despite this, although he is very diplomatic, he certainly seems to be the strongest and most expressive of all tennis players, except for the Russians and the Ukrainians.

Press conference for the Polish national team in Siatkovka, who takes over as coachHe chose Nikola Grbic as the new captain of the national team. Cork to Quebec

Swiatek is not outright, but he nonetheless criticized the tennis authorities. I feel we have a certain responsibility as players in this situation, but it shouldn’t be. She admitted that the problem is that the tennis organizations WTA, ATP and ITF have different opinions. The world federations do not want to suspend the participation of Russians and Belarusians. The only penalty for them is not to put a flag next to their name and have their National Tennis Associations suspended.

Only Swiatek has made it clear that while Russian tennis players are not directly guilty of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, they may be against the invasion (although almost none have publicly opposed Putin), the Kremlin-led propaganda based on their successes.

– On the one hand, politics will always use sports, and on the other hand, we remember equal opportunities for tennis players – she said first. – Russian and Belarusian tennis players are not responsible for what is happening in their country. On the other hand, sports are used in politics and we are public figures, we have an impact on others – she eloquently added.

does not give up

The standings leader is clearly not giving up after Friday’s decision by the WTA and ATP players to deny Wimbledon points. He does not say like the others: “It is the decision of the WTA and that’s it. I have nothing to add. ”- I hope that those responsible for our sport will come to a common decision and we will be united. Now I feel that we are not united. We feel that in the locker room and it’s very difficult – confirms that it would be good if the decision-makers moved towards a solution that stops the Russian aggression.”

Iga Schweitek was very serious when he said those words at Monday’s press conference. It was clear that she was ready to answer questions about Wimbledon and the Russians. She differed very professionally, and at the same time there was no lack of courage in her words. Courage that others can not.

It is possible that other tennis players simply do not feel the seriousness of the situation, because Švec. as a Pole is naturally more interested in the war in Ukraine. From the beginning of the invasion, he appeared with the Ukrainian ribbon on his hat during meetings. At the conference on Monday, she also came with a ribbon, but it’s pinned to her shirt. She left her hat in the toilet, but she didn’t forget the ribbon. It is the only one that reminds us that the reason for the confusion between the points in Wimbledon is the war in Ukraine.

Some tennis players are suggesting that they may not come to Wimbledon when points are not awarded for their London backs. The strongest were the statements of Naomi Osaka, who claims that it is the points that motivate her further, without which Wimbledon would not be an interesting parade event for her.

Here again, Iga Świątek comes forward as a tennis player who expresses herself more maturely. I think I’ll play normally because I don’t care about points. As you know, Poland supports Ukraine. The war was fought on my side. The points don’t matter much. Wimbledon is important, but there is a war going on and I look at it from that perspective, not the ranking – ranking leader concluded. In difficult times, Iga Świątek is the right person in the right place.

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