Ida Novakoska cried in "Question for Breakfast."  Thomas Woolney became very worried

Ida Nowakowska has been associated with TVP since the beginning of her media career. First, she appeared in the dance program “You Can Dance”, and after a while she became one of the jury members of the program. He quickly gained the popularity and sympathy of viewers.

Now he belongs to the “Questions for Breakfast” team i Together with Thomas Wolney, he runs the morning program for Dwójki. Apart from them, we can also watch: Katarzina Seechubek and Maciej Kurzajewski, Małgorzata Tomaszewska and Aleksandra Sikora, Isabella Krzan and Tomasz Kammel and Małgorzata Opczowska and Łukasz Nowicki. Recently out of the lunch box Journalist Robert Soldier dies.

Ida Nowakowska became closely associated with TVP during Jacek Kurski .’s tenure. The dancer was so well connected with the president that rumors began to surface … Kursky will become the godfather of her son. However, Nowakowska soon denied these reports.

“The godparents will be close people who have committed to raising their son in the Catholic religion. Christianity is the basis of our European civilization, and the Catholic religion is Polish,” she said in an interview with “Fact”.

Ida Nowakowska’s delicacy is no stranger to TVP viewers. More than once, I was deeply moved or overwhelmed during ‘Questions for Breakfast’. Regarding the issue of Saturday, we can again see how Feelings got a little out of hand.

Guests associated with Anna Przybylska sat on the sofa. At the beginning of October, the premiere of the documentary “Anya” will take place.View her professional and private life. The actress died in 2014 of a pancreatic tumor.

Ania’s teacher, Dorota Twarowska, and her school friend Katarzyna Skibowska-Bąkała are invited to the interview. At first, a trailer for a movie was presented that was very touching Nowakowska she burst into tears. Tomasz Wolny wasn’t sure if Ida would be able to continue running the program because I left her silent for a moment.

When she mastered her emotions, she said, “These are touching memories. You can see how much she remembers the people who worked with her. When someone mentions Anna Przybylska, she always speaks positively. We want this memory to be positive and smiling, like Anya’s beautiful smile.”

Below we leave a trailer that really touches the heart.


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