“I’d rather be thrown out of the building.” Gladiator 2 star was exhausted after fighting Russell Crowe’s successor

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July 7, 2024, 8:30 PM

Pedro Pascal, who plays the great warrior in Gladiator 2, would rather not repeat the fight with Lucius’s portrait artist, Paul Mescal, as The Mandalorian star spoke about in a recent interview.

Image source: Gladiator. Ridley Scott, Universal Pictures, 2000


wrestler 2The upcoming film, directed by Ridley Scott, will be released in theaters in a few months, but the cast is already promoting the continuation of the 2000 film. We recently had the opportunity to see what the cast looks like in the new trailer. What could catch the eye is its exceptional physical strength. Paula MescalaWho will play the main character in “The Division 2”.

In the movie the actor is known ordinary people He had to face Pedro Pascal. As it turns out, Fighting with a younger professional teammate was not for the star. The Mandalorian easy And – as he admitted in a recent interview with Vanity FairHe would rather not repeat that..

This is brutal, man. I call him Paul Wall. He’s gotten too strong. I’d rather be thrown off the building than fight him again. To compete with someone so fit, so talented and so much younger… Aside from Ridley being an absolute genius, Paul is the main reason I put my poor body through this experience.

I remember that Paul Mescal portrays Lucius in his new work.who after many years goes to Rome, where he will have to confront his heritage. Pedro Pascal plays the warrior Marcus Acacius, trained by Maximus himself, Russell Crowe’s hero from the 2000 work.

Gladiator 2. Ridley Scott, Paramount Pictures, 2024 -

Gladiator 2. Ridley Scott, Paramount Pictures, 2024

Let us remind you that Russell Crowe, who was the main character in “One”, is very cool about the continuation of the show. Perhaps the fights with the participation of a new wrestler will make the artist change his mind and appreciate the film that delighted the first viewers.

wrestler 2 will for the first time November 22, 2024.

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