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Iconic Sega items will see a movie adaptation


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Sega, owner of such well-known series as Sonic Adventure or Yakuza, made an interesting choice for subsequent games. The Japanese publisher worked closely with Picturestart. Everything to move the cult items years ago to movie screens and televisions. Decision makers on the Sega board seem to be motivated by the success of the cinematic version of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sega is interested in shooting for Space Channel 5. The company even released a message about the plot. As we can read in the press release “Space Channel 5, a love for comedy and dance, will tell the story of an unfortunate fast-food worker who is recruited by a reporter from the future. Everything to save the world from the extermination of aliens using the thing that connects people – our love and dance” Space Channel was released in 1999 for the Dreamcast console. The publisher is preparing a very non-standard scenario. The last game in the series, Space Channel 5 VR, went on sale in 2020.

Another title waiting in line for a dedicated movie is Comix Zone. Originally released in 1995, for the iconic Sega Mega Drive, it’s an interesting mix of beat’em up and platformer. The game became famous for the dynamics of changing colors and backgrounds, due to the fact that the action takes place on the pages of a comic book. Sega plans to supervise work on each of the prepared modifications, and thus Takumi Yoshinaga and Kagasei Shimomura participated in the projects. Both men are game director and producer for Sega’s ranks. The company did not reveal details about the approximate release date and the regions where the films will appear in cinemas. Given the rather non-standard plot concepts, the movie Space Channel 5 and Comix Zone can go only to selected streaming platforms.

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