“I will show you” was successful “never happened in my life.”  Cover came out...

Catarzyna Groschola At one time she was the most widely read and best-selling Polish writer of her book “Never in my life!The directors were provoked to take the story to the cinemas, where they played the main roles in the 2003 film of the same name. Danuta Stinka And the Artur ShmeyevskyAnd, to this day, productions are often repeated on the air, each time attracting thousands of viewers in front of the screens. Poles can also occasionally come across another movie on TV based on Katarzyna Grochola’s book, “I’ll Show You!” , which, however, did not repeat the success of its predecessor. Although the movie with Grażyna Wolszczak And the Pawel Deląg It is also sometimes broadcast to viewers, not enjoying such recognition as “Never in my life!”. stay too Critics received very coldly.

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as it turns out The movie “I’ll show you!” It wasn’t supposed to hit screens so fast (It premiered in 2006, just two years after “Never in Life!” was shown in cinemas.) Moreover, the creators had plans for Katarzyna Grochola’s novels. Along the way, however, there was a misunderstanding that forced them to form a new work team.

what happened? How was the sequel “Never in my life!” What curiosities does a famous movie hide? You will learn everything from the gallery below. We are calling!

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“I’ll Show You” – Everything you need to know about the movie

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Grażyna Wolszczak in the group “I will show you”
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