I started!  Collective dismissal.  reason?  Workers refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19

Several times recently, many companies have warned that mass layoffs are imminent. Indeed, it has begun. The reason is that the staff did not want to be vaccinated. This is what a voluntary vaccination against the Corona virus looks like, according to some?

A network of New York health care points called Northwell Health is trying to define a new direction – “Interia” reports. Although we must immediately point out that in this case there is no longer any question about voluntary vaccination. New York state authorities have changed the law in such a way as to make vaccination against the coronavirus mandatory for health care professionals.

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As a result, the company’s management has fired more than 1,400 employees and is clearly proud of that. One representative took the floor and said the staff were “now 100 percent vaccinated.” Well, no matter how you look at her, she’s here. All those who did not wish to be vaccinated were dismissed from their jobs.

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Is this just the beginning? This cannot be ruled out. To put it more frankly, you must be convinced that yes – this is just the beginning. A few days ago, I gave you the example of the Swiss airline, which had previously told its employees that unvaccinated people would lose their jobs. There are hundreds, thousands…maybe tens or hundreds of thousands all over the world.

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