"I severed ties": a sudden breakup with Celine Dion, Karo explains

Released in 2000 DownwindTitle sung by Celine Dion and There were, In all playlists after 20 years. Singing a duet with the planetary star Celine Dion has paid off for Caro’s career. But if at the time she could go far in the company of the singer and her husband and manager, the former music star Notre-Dame de Paris wanted to go her own way: “I see the clip ‘Downwind’, I found a good analogy, very representative. […] She wanted to take me so high, and then, at one point, I almost cut the rope just to make myself float.“He reveals on my Aborde show Gala Releases a special extract.

Caro has no ambitions like Celine Dion, and he does not regret this choice: “I wanted to go down rather than up. I don’t want to be all over the planet. There was a limit, I did not want to go up, not out of fear, but I said to myself: ‘When you go up in the clouds there are times when it is the same.Lori Bester’s ex-boyfriend wanted to distance himself.Cut the bridges“And walked away from the couple:”We were very close with Celine. […] I think she did not understand.

Did Celine Dion blame Caro for causing the distance between them? not at all. The connections are certainly loose, but the artists are always happy to meet again and remember the good memories they had together: “Every time we meet it is magical, a lot of things happen in our eyes. This complicity, was real contact. We did the same job, we had two little Quebec rough diamonds, she tried to understand my vision, I was hers, so we had a unique bond“Words that do a lot of good to the main stakeholders who play health tricks.

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