"I saw people crying and hugging"

Paris | During a festive concert, as they were secretive and especially emotional, the Cowboys Fringeants made a feat that a few Quebec artists could be proud of yesterday: thrilled thousands of spectators at the famed Accor Arena in Paris.

After Zenith and Olympia, the amphitheater’s system, formerly known as Paris-Percy, was a legendary place to see the biggest stars of the concert, subject to unavoidable melodies and contagious energy. The Quebec team and its loyal fans.

During the first stop of the European tour, in Lyon on Friday, the fans were spoiled. The Les Cowboys Fringeants have created a concert in the retrospective form of their famous lives, with a strong emphasis on the most energetic topics in their review.

From the beginning, they were chained together The houses are all identical, bye bye loo, queen And increased recovery Scent of Teen SpiritFrom the nudity that made the audience jump.

“What a party!” Shouted singer Carl Tremble.

That was the beginning. Up to two reminders the foot was on the accelerator, where the queue was Commercial Navy, shooting stars (While flying into a crowd of hundreds of paper airplanes, the lyrics of the song and an acknowledgment of a beautiful European fan tradition) and America is crying Finished the concert in the most beautiful notes.

“Bell Center, in Europe”

Carl Tremble and Mary-Annick LeBron, who met after the show, enjoyed the moment.

“It’s like the Bell Center, but in Europe. It’s totally crazy. Europeans see us once a year, but 10,000 of them come to sing, dance, and move. I saw people crying and hugging in front,” the cowboys singer said.

“Most visitors bought their tickets two years ago and they were not refunded. They could not wait to see us, so there was a lot of emotion in the air,” said Mary-Annick Lebin.

Quebec Pride

Playing on this great Parisian platform is very remarkable because the success of the Cowboys Fringends in France was structured by relying on word of mouth in the shadow of the mainstream media.

In addition, they defeated the French without denying their accent or their roots. They blackmailed me again last night Hector’s hut And DemonstrationSongs with Quebec notes in general, for more listening audience.

Some of the guys there, including this restaurant from Quebec who accidentally sat behind us, were moved to see a group like the Cowboys Fringe winning in Persia.

“However, I’m proud to be Juan Ollett, co-owner of 47, as a Cubs. It’s magical. He could not summarize what we enjoyed so well.

Fans who came early

French fans of the Les Cowboys Fringeants faced long hours of Parisian cold in February to get a closer look at their favorites at the Accor Arena last night.

When we arrived at the site, four hours before the concert, a few dozen fans had lined up near the door to access the floor.

54 times

With a shudder, a man named Mathieu admitted he was the first to arrive at 12:45.

The first part of the Marie-Annick Lépine began at 8 p.m.

“I’ve seen them seven or eight times, and I’m far from the worst,” Matthew said.

Ah, who is the worst? “54 times,” one person replied proudly, bringing laughter to these friendly cowboys fanatics.


As we chatted with them, we discovered that their love for the Quebec group had turned into a great interest in the music of our region.

Some have said that Emil Piloto saw Chloe Belcock when he last visited Paris.

If they regret not being able to find the Les Troyce deal in the first part, they were happy with the idea of ​​finding Mary-Annick — Leibniz’s solo songs instead, as it was originally planned.

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