June 8, 2023


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I lost 6 games from 2022

The calendar of premieres in 2022, especially the first and last quarter, was so full of great premieres that not every game was given enough attention, so soon after its official appearance on the market, many people – simply – forgot about it. Here are six results from 2022 that are no longer talked about, even on gaming forums.


Many Xbox Series X| S and PC are eagerly awaiting Scorn – due to the fact that the premiere of the survival horror game took place on Xbox Game Pass. The title received very good reviews and was particularly appreciated for its unquestionably heavy atmosphere. However, in terms of gameplay and mechanics (which are quite heavy), the developers did not show up, which ultimately means that in the eyes of a significant part of the audience it is just a mediocrity, which almost no one remembers 3 months after the premiere.

GhostWire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo promised from the start that it would be a “not for everyone” production. The Tango Gameworks team, who was previously responsible for The Evil Within, suggested unusual gameplay solutions to their community, and despite the fact that the game was liked by both reviewers and players, interest in it was minimal. This situation can be thrown into the bag with products that deviate from popular schemes, but also those that have not been commercially successful.

dying light 2

Our second national commodity – right after The Witcher from CD Projekt RED – under the name Dying Light has a full continuation after more than 7 years of development. At the beginning of February 2022, Techland introduced Dying Light 2 Stay Human, which did many things better than “The Person”, but at the same time made strange decisions regarding even nighttime flights – you can’t feel the dark atmosphere going hand in hand with them much yet Now the breath of misfits is on my back. In the end, Dying Light 2 wasn’t a bad game, but it’s also far from great.

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Fans of extremely complex adventure games, created using solutions known from the classic installments of the genre, will not be able to pass Pentiment indifferently. This title from Microsoft was hailed as a huge success, especially because of its very interesting story, atmosphere, and there were words related to “back to the past”, referring to the mechanics well known to older fans of the game.

Missions: Rome

This year, PC gamers got at least one excellent production that can’t be played on consoles – Expeditions: Rome, which should be a “must-have” for fans of turn-based games focused on an interesting story. Unfortunately, a few weeks after the release of Expeditions: Rome – despite very positive reviews – few people mentioned it, and the potential low sales of the item meant that the studio responsible for the Expeditions series had to adapt it to create NFT games.


The list would close for me with one of the best games of 2022. Developed by Supermassive Games in partnership with 2K Games, The Quarry set a very high bar in choice-oriented adventures – especially on the technical side, because the plot could have been better, especially if We looked at the story that was presented in Until Dawn. However, I’m personally surprised that so few people mentioned (or simply didn’t appreciate The Quarry) about this project.