I don’t know why such decisions were made

“The immigration route to Poland is constantly under the control of the Belarusian authorities. Latest information Show that Minsk does not currently accept travelers through Erbil airport, even with a visa already issued,” Stanisław Garin wrote on Twitter.

very In an interview with PAP He confirmed that the Belarusian side no longer accepts passengers traveling through this airport.

We show what is happening in Belarus at the moment, mainly to educate the public that this migration route is completely controlled by Belarus and all this is happening with the support of the Russian Federation

– He said. He also noted that “there are no reasons to explain For now these decisions.”

Surely we are dealing with some evidence – colloquially – that the “rooster” with the migrants is in the hands of the Minsk authorities. But I don’t know why such decisions were made

Harin added. He also noted that “we are dealing with a cynical person love Alexander Lukashenko.

Migrants on the streets of Belarusian cities

Photos and videos of new arrivals from the Middle East and Africa are posted on Belarusian websites. as Belsat data Migrants come to Minsk on flights from Istanbul, Dubai, Damascus and many other Middle Eastern cities.

We write more about it Here.

Belsat journalist As noted by a group of about 50 passengers from the Middle East at Istanbul Airport, they were checked in in a separate queue at the Belavia airline office. Many, according to journalist Hanna Lyubakova, are staying in the airport terminal.

There are also pictures of migrants staying overnight in an underground corridor near the Sputnik Hotel in Warsaw.

The presence of migrants was also noted in the border areas of Grodno and Brest. As Belsat reported, they were guarded by Belarusian uniforms.

Everyone moves around the city in groups accompanied by people in civilian clothes and gathers in tourist places – for example, near the Brest fortress. Some “trips” are transported by border guard buses (with special numbers), accompanied by a military rover

The Tik-Tok website also includes reports on border crossings in Arabic. As belsat.eu asserts, “The videos were made as if to give the impression that the road to the West is a piece of cake.”

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