"I do not believe that."  Another scandal in Polish athletics

There is no good period for the Polish Athletics Association. during World Championship In Eugene, a struggle at first broke out between a group of 400-meter runners, and then Adriana Swick spoke bitter words about the activists.

“A coach who treats players in this way does not deserve to be called a teacher.”

“The only brake on my development is PZLA,” “I speak for at least half of the staff. Others are afraid to talk about it,” “Our work is torn and medals are missing,” “I’m not afraid on the carpet.” Here are some quotes from Suki. You can read her full statement here.

Artistic gymnastics? No, it’s javelin throwing. hit m [WIDEO]

“If a guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he might talk nonsense. It’s very hard to relate all this nonsense,” “99% of Ada’s training is stuck in a relationship. Without it, she would have to stay home ”,“ We’ll try to explain everything Her.” – This is the owl in turn Tomas MajowskiThe vice president of PZLA who responded to the allegations of the fourth M competitor in the seventh round.

But it appears that Seok has just opened the case on charges against union activists and coaches. Now, away from the US World Championships, there is a lot of sadness from the training environment of the promising Polish 100m rider, Igor Pugacheski.

“I must admit that the above statement (Adriana Sock – Note ed.) Very accurate and fully reflects what the Polish Athletics Association is currently dealing with… It hampers the player’s development, takes life chances, cuts wings” – wrote Anna Cordos-Josiniak, athletics coach on Facebook. Leading Bogaczyski, who became Recently, the Polish U-20 100m champion, to ensure participation in the World Championships in Cali, Colombia, but the sprinter did not receive a call.

“The recent calls of my coach Igor’s husband to the “decision making” activists and coaches of the ATP regarding the players’ calls, did not give us any justification for the situation! PZLA It is detrimental to intelligence, common sense and dignity to all of us who are concerned about Igor’s fate “- claims the happy woman.” With full responsibility for my words, I declare that Igor has been robbed! Yes, he stole … with the opportunity to participate in the world championship for which it is worth working hard … ”- she added.

Note world champion Post Kordus-Gociniak in the 4x400m relay from 1999 – Jacek Bocian. “I can’t believe the situation! A personnel coach who treats players in this way does not deserve to be called a youth coach and hold such a position” – Raad Athlete.

“Thanks to Igor’s result from the Polish U20 championship, the relay got the minimum for the U20 world championship. Apparently, this was the bottom line for the coach, because without any warning, he trampled on the dreams of a young man who was going to undergo preparations for this. It happened all season. The relay has a limit The lowest, the coach is calculated. It does not matter who is going anymore. Only the coach is counting thanks to Igor. There is no way then! Where is the interest in youth development, justice, power and morals?” – asks the stork clearly upset.

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