“I became an actor to please women” – Philippe Lelouch

French actor, director, writer and now comedian Philippe Lelluch admitted to Marie-Claude Barrett during a very recent episode.Open your game, That he became an actor only to please women.

«[Les femmes] Ruled all my life. If I’m being completely honest with you, I became an actor to please women,” he told the host with a smile.

Screenshot from YouTube / QMI Agency

“When I was 16 I didn’t care at all about Moliere. One day at the cinema with my school friends, I wanted to do it because I thought I understood […] I had to have intimate scenes to entertain the girls,” he said, explaining after the film’s presentation. Words and musicAll his classmates, including the one he caught the eye of, were under the spell of Richard Anconina.

“When the film came out, they all said: ‘Richard Anconina, he’s great. He’s handsome” and I say to myself: “But Richard Anconina is not handsome. He has charm, but the handsome guy is Christophe Lambert. They say to me: “Yes, But here I see it up close”, and then I said to myself: “Well, I need close-ups. That’s what women want,” she added.

Screenshot from YouTube / QMI Agency

The brother-son actor later told Marie-Claude Barrett that pleasing women was his real driving force, but that he started racking up hits from his early twenties. How to use his charm.

“To realize years later that you were dirty,” he admitted, stressing that he had an urge to please after feeling rejected as a teenager because he wasn’t a ‘pretty boy’ at the time.

“I started this job to be loved by everyone. I soon realized it was delusional. And then you realize you can’t be loved by everyone, and then you’re happy not to be loved by everyone because you hate them yourself,” continued the actor, who will be heading to Montreal next fall to present his first solo show. Stand alone.

In this episode, Philip Lelouch addresses his father’s death and his own relationship with his father.

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