A few hundred people gathered in front of the town of Rebentini on Wednesday evening to condemn the death of Jean Rene Jr. Olivier, a 38-year-old black man who died in a police shooting last Sunday.

“It’s very difficult, it’s very difficult for me,” his mother, Mary-Mirelli Pence, addressed the rally. At the meeting, many people wore white sweaters with the inscription “Junior for Junior”. MMe Pence believes the police officers who carried out the shooting were “guilty.” “My son died because he was black,” he said.

The man died during police intervention in Rebentikni, His mother called 911 for help as he was mentally ill. “Tomorrow, if I have a problem, can I call 911?” Never. I will stick to my problems no matter what. I don’t have a son today, ”he said.

Other family members attended and spoke before the meeting. “We never know who the police officer is, we will never know,” said Keishan Olivier, the victim’s son.

The brother of the deceased, who had lived in Rebentikni for 11 years, was also there. “I’m here to condemn the injustice of Sunday, he did not have to shoot my brother like that,” said Debbie Olivier. To. “We didn’t see it coming.”

“We have been condemning it for years,” said Pierre-Richard Thomas, co-ordinator of Loke Media and president of Rebentikni’s Association of Racist Persons. “Things like this should not happen if city officials ask black communities,” said the person who helped organize the event. The rights will be handed over to the city.

The municipality responded on Facebook on Wednesday, By writing that the city staff is upset by this event which has affected all citizens, especially the black population of Rebentikni.

Jean Rene condemned the death of Olivier Jr. Alonor traveled with her husband and two young children from L’Asompsion. “We think about our children and tell ourselves that if it happens to them, we will feel the same way,” he said. To. “It’s hard to explain that your child does not have the same rights as a white child. We do not want to happen. We will do our part, maybe as they grow up, things will change.”

“This must stop at some point. We are calm, but we feel angry because in 2021, we are still fighting for equality,” said Pichara, a 24-year-old from Laval.

“It values ​​us as a human being,” her friend Kristel said. At the end of the day we were all bleeding in red and we all had almost the same values. I am ashamed that we are inhumane. “

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