March 21, 2023


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Huge world record!  There has been no such result so far

Huge world record! There has been no such result so far

Rojas set the previous indoor world record also at 15.43. The Venezuelan jumped 15.74 in the last attempt of the triple jump final at the World Championships in Belgrade.

This result is also better than her absolute world record from the court which was 15.67 as of Sunday. Rojas set the previous absolute world record at the Tokyo Olympics.

Rojas left no illusions to other competitors. The second Ukrainian, Marina Beach Romanchuk, led by exactly one meter, while the third, Jamaica, Kimberly Williams, jumped 14.62.

In the sixth round, Bech-Romanczuk reached 14.74 and improved her life record.

Said the Ukrainian, who in the evening will have a chance to get another disc, because she will perform in the final of the long jump championship.

Sang Hyuk Woo won the first medal in the history of South Korean competitions at the World Indoor Championships. He won the high jump final with 2.34. Switzerland’s Loic Gasch took second place, and the bronze medals were won by Italian athletics star Gianmarco Tampere and Hamish Kerr from New Zealand. Both also jumped 2.31. The Italian, the Olympic champion from Tokyo, expressed his solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainians who are fighting the Russian attack on their country. He entered the ring in a blue and yellow mask, had a Ukrainian flag on his arm, and on his arm was written the name and surname of his great rival from that country, Bohdan Bondarenko.

Pole Norbert Kobelsky, who started in the high jump final, jumped 2.24 and finished ninth.


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