June 8, 2023


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Huge scandal about TVN is coming? “This book will shock you.”

Longtime TVN collaborator Kamil Różalski announced the publication of a book about harassment and abuse of employee rights at the station.

– The book I am writing will be a shock not only to the reader. in TVN And an American owner will cause an earthquake. I’m looking for people who can help distribute an English-language e-book in the United States. If any of you can help with this please contact me on priv.


Thank you for your wishes (Kamel Rozalski celebrates his 54th birthday – opening note) and your support. The book is being created and even if I have to sell the last thing that comes up (at least an ebook), I will. I am writing… This return to times of harassment and other meanness I experienced on TVN is painful, but it is also cathartic for me.

– writes Camille Rozalski

Accusations of violating workers’ rights

Longtime TVN employee and collaborator Kamil Rozalski described in 2021 in social media the history of his collaboration with this station. Violations of employee rights have been confirmed by others who have been employed in television. The company said it was not breaking the law.

The former TVN picture operator has repeatedly accused the broadcaster of serious labor rights violations.

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