Huge protests in Georgia.  Donald Tusk: Georgians want to say something to PiS

Georgians want to say something to PiS, Prime Minister Donald Tusk wrote on social media on Sunday. The Prime Minister also published a picture of a man holding a banner with the slogan written on it: “No to Russia, yes to Europe” during a demonstration in Georgia.

Georgians have been taking to the streets for over a month now and demanding that the ruling Georgian Dream party stop addressing the Foreign Influence Transparency Law, the so-called “Foreign Agents” or Russian law.

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As Georgian media noted, citing analysis of drone recordings using a map-scanning method, Saturday’s protest in Tbilisi against the “foreign agents” law was the largest in Georgia’s modern history. “There were at least 200,000 people, but the total number during the day was probably higher and closer to 300,000.” – Reported on the example of the portal, citing information from the Visioner project (OSINT analytics) on the X platform.

Demonstration in the capital of GeorgiaBab/EPA/David Medzinarishvili

Donald Tusk took the floor

On Sunday, Prime Minister Donald Tusk posted on the “X” platform a photo from the demonstration showing a man holding a sign that read, “No to Russia, yes to Europe.”

The Prime Minister wrote: “Georgians want to say something to the Law and Justice Party.”

Main image source: AA/APACA/PAP/EPA

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