Huawei has started producing the next generation of foldable smartphones

foldable smartphones They are still a niche with a lot of room for development. Pioneering devices of this type Samsung mobile phones In the shape of a heart and folds. This year we have already witnessed the premiere of the third generation of folding devices of the Korean company. It is an unprecedented systematic procedure and consistency in the release of new editions foldable smartphones Among other manufacturers of this type of equipment. It is very possible that Huawei It will try to topple Samsung by offering a high-quality model at a lower price.

According to IT Home, a meeting of the company’s investors was held on November 25 Zhaoli . Technology, which stipulated that the company began mass-producing hinges for foldable smartphones to the customer. The client company has not been identified, but experts believe it is Huawei. This wouldn’t be their first attempt to win fans in this market segment. The Chinese company has already released an interesting, albeit incredibly expensive, Mate X series.

foldable smartphones It is an area where more and more investments are being made mobile device producers. The main factor stopping the production and universality of this type of device is the high costs associated with its production. This makes the price of foldable smartphones very high. The technical specifications of these devices rarely match the flagship phones of leading manufacturers. All this makes consumers treat foldable smartphones A technological curiosity rather than a real utility tool.

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