However, this applies to Piotr Šile and Marcelina Zitic.  The latest photos are proof of this, and this cannot be hidden

It should be noted that the situation has changed due to new regulations regarding starting quotas, so this winter strategy will play a role in determining the composition of all teams.

~ Polish jumpers coach said, quoted by PZN.

As part of the preparations, our players participated (except for Davut Kubacki, who stayed at home with his wife and received an individual training plan) They left for camp To Cyprus. It turns out she followed them. Partner Piotr Żyła. Marcelina Zitic confirmed this herself on social media. She shared her impressions.

Piotr Żyła summed up his performance at the European Games: David showed that he is the best. video/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

Latest photo of Piotr Żyła and Marcelina Ziętek. This is how they spend time together

Piotr Żyła and Marcelina Ziętek have been a couple for years, although they are very keen to share their relationship Details about your personal life. Every now and then they post pictures together, and that’s pretty much it. The last photos of them together, shared on social media, are from August and June this year.

Fans have become more excited about any moves that reveal the secret of the “relationship.” Ziętek meets them and shows them how he spends his time in Cyprus. It can cause a particular disturbanceThe photo was taken in the elevator. You can see the happy actress posing next to the jacket. This approach refutes any hints that things might go wrong in the lovers’ relationship.

Marcelina Zitic and Piotrella lived together in Cyprus/Instagram/@marceepan/Instagram

Ziętek has more time to relax than her girlfriend, which she willingly uses and reports online. She boasts beautiful views, relaxing with a book, bikini shots, beach videos, pictures of delicious meals, and a sunset photo shoot.

Meanwhile before Piotr Sela Busy time. After camp, he and the other players will dive into their careers. After starting the season in Rocca, they will compete in Lillehammer (December 2-3), Klingenthal (December 9-10), Engelberg (December 16-17), the Four Hills Course (December 29-January 6), and competitions in Poland (21-31 January), ski flying tournaments and competitions in Planica.

Piotr Sela/Lukacs Silage/Reporter

Piotr Sela/ Mishko Petka/Akba

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