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Many Poles complain about the insufficient quality of television channels and broadcast services in our country. From July 23, 2013, analog terrestrial television on the Vistula River does not exist. On the most famous island of Bali, it wasn’t until April of this year. The process of turning off the analog transmitters has begun. On many sites, streaming is still done in an outdated system. At night local time, instead of Bali TV, a billboard with a “cracking” sound appears.

The lack of night shows is not only the prerogative of the Indonesian island. For example, viewers from Mongolia (eg TV8 channel) can access control panels. During the day, TV channels are quite suitable (eg TV5). In Belarus, after the marathon, incl. During the night hours of Soviet films and speeches of Alexander Lukashenko, only Belarus 24 channel operates. The rest have control panels. Kyrgyzstan TV even broadcasts at night, they show, among other things, new Russian war films.

You hardly see women on Afghan TV

Although the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, local television stations broadcast in good quality. The studio is similar to those used by European broadcasters. However, it is difficult to find any woman in the news sites. One can get the impression that only men with beards and a turban walk in Afghan cities (although presenters at local stations do not fit this law).

In Muslim Turkey, despite Erdogan’s rule, women can perform without a veil. It is similar in Egypt or Tunisia. A few months ago we wrote that the Canadian TV star is Ginella Massa, who wears the traditional Islamic headscarf. These journalists can also be found in Malaysia and Turkmenistan, where Muslims are a majority, and on Dubai TV from the United Arab Emirates. Especially during an interview with an important military man or a representative of the royal family of this country.

In many Arab countries – for example Sudan and Somalia – films are broadcast on government stations that show the strength of the military in these countries. Religion is crucial in these places. Even Saudi Public TV broadcasts a channel where you can watch broadcasts from Mecca 24 hours a day. You can see how crowds visit the holy sites of Muslims despite the 44-degree heat. Algerian TV broadcasts local prayers, while QTV from The Gambia broadcasts competitions for children singing verses from the Qur’an.

Red India, Colorful Africa

Indian and Pakistani news channels stand out from other stations. It is dominated by red colors, huge fonts with the words “breaking news”, and large text messages. They talk about local thefts as well as exciting events. Interestingly, the information bar does not disappear even during an advertising break, when presenting culinary products for example.

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While red prevails in India, the colorful costumes of the presenters, including in SSBC, broadcasters from South Sudan, TPA1 from Angola or AMN from Ethiopia. The news from Joy News, Ghana’s first news station, is presented against the background of the country’s colorful flag. Ethiopian stations often save video material. The material is based on still images. Hollywood cinema? In African channels, not necessarily. Nigerians have a Nollywood channel with home cinema. South African TV SABC-1 often uses Chinese films. On Kenyan television, you can easily promote highly resistant alcohol (hence the program promoting a popular whiskey producer).

In the evening hours, several stations from Africa (including TV1 Rwanda and SABC from South Africa) and the Caribbean (Telearuba) broadcast music videos. There is a music channel in Jamaica with a funny Polish audio name called Nago TV. Although Europeans are wearing face masks less and less, the coronavirus pandemic remains one of the main topics in poor countries. Masks can be found in materials such as from the Congo, Iran or Vietnam.

Panama TV and prime time TV series

A year ago, we reported that there is a station in Panama whose logo is similar to the one used by Polish TVN. We assume that this is a random convergence. Regional trademark protection. Due to the fact that TVN, the Discovery Group owned by TVN, does not operate in Panama, at the moment we cannot talk about a violation of our interests – said Katarzina Isat, head of corporate communications at TVN. Panama has not yet changed its logo. TVN also operates in Chile. TVP (TV Publica) can be found in Argentina.

Latin America is the part of the world where soap operas reign supreme. Although Zone Romantica has ceased operations in Poland, Azteca Corazon and RCN Novelas operate in Central and South America. Many broadcasters broadcast TV series at prime times. This type of product forms an important part of the Canal de Las Estrellas offer. The station belongs to the Mexican station Televisa, from which TVN bought several TV series in the late 1990s, including the successful productions of “Esmeralda” and “Paulina” in Poland at that time. The Polish station even invited Leticia Calderon, who played the role of Esmeralda, to our country. A number of programs were recorded with her, and Magda Gesler received her with a dinner in a Russian restaurant.

Currently, in Poland, Latin American soap operas are losing out to Turkish soap operas. Once Televisa tried to introduce this type of channel to our market, but the operators were not interested. Canal de Estrellas broadcasts such products from morning to evening, along with entertainment and sports programmes. Televisa also has the Foro TV news channel. In Latin America, news is presented more loosely than in Europe. In Brazilian Globo News, it’s common for presenters to explode with laughter.

Poorer stations, such as Ecuador from Ecuador, mainly broadcast older productions, still recorded in the 4:3 format. Polish broadcasters switched to the 16:9 ratio more than a decade ago. Deprecated image format channels are still in use, incl. In Syria, Pakistan, Eritrea and El Salvador. In panoramic format and in HD quality, there are channels from Kurdistan that are not on the map. Most of them broadcast from northern Iraq.

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