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The broadcast revolution would not have progressed so quickly without the operating system Android TV. He debuted in 2014 as a successor to the unsuccessful one Google TV. A few years later, it appeared on many devices. These are mainly adapters, set-top boxes (including Google Chromecast, Mi Box, Emmerson) and TVs from companies such as Sony, Philips, Xiaomi and Sharp. Android TV has increased the popularity of many streaming services. Using Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+ on a large TV screen is more convenient than using a much smaller mobile phone or laptop screen.

Users complain about OTT service interfaces

Although OTT platforms are gaining popularity, their users are complaining about the interface of these services. Three-fifths of users of Steam platforms are not satisfied with browsing the content available on them. Accenture’s report shows that 44 percent. of respondents spend more than 6 minutes searching for something fun to watch. With the needs of these users in mind, the Google TV brand has been revitalized. The new operating system has a more efficient recommendation system and a simplified interface. In this respect, they are similar to the solutions used by Samsung (Tizen) and LG (WebOS).

Google TV expensive TVs, cheaper starters

The cheapest Android TVs can be bought for less than 1,000 PLN and starter kits for less than PLN 200. These products are supplied, for example, by the Chinese brand Xiaomi. TVs with Google TV are already getting more expensive. The cost of the 50-inch TV Sony KD-50X81J is 3,499 PLN in a popular store. It allows you to watch 4K content and has a screen refresh rate of 50Hz / 60Hz. Several devices from the same manufacturer already cost several or several tens of thousands of zlotys. For example, the 83-inch Sony OLED XR-83A90J with a screen refresh rate of 100 Hz / 120 Hz. Japanese equipment costs approximately 25,000. zlotys. The cost of the TCL 65X925 8K TV, Mini LED TV and QLED TV is 11111 thousand. zloty.

If someone does not want to spend such sums, then it is more convenient to buy an appetizer. The cost of Chromecast 4 with Google TV, according to the store, is PLN 319 – 350. A few years ago, the cost of Android TV receivers was the same. In Poland, you can also buy the Realme Stick 4K add-on from Google TV. It costs 279 PLN. The prices of devices with Google TV will likely get cheaper over time, as other manufacturers will bring their devices to market.

Android TV isn’t going away anytime soon

Most of the newer and better TVs currently sold with Android TV will get an upgrade to Google TV. Some devices with weaker technical parameters may receive a newer version of Android TV, which will include some Google TV functions. Developers can already use Android TV 12.0, which, among other things, increases the resolution of the interface to 4K. In the long run, some Android TV apps may lose support. After that it will be necessary to replace the TV set or buy a set-top box.

A few days ago, users of the streaming service HBO Go faced such a dilemma. From January 19 this year. The app does not work on Samsung TVs with Tizen from 2015 and earlier, LG TVs with WebOS less than 3.5, PlayStation 3 consoles and Samsung Orsay TVs. A few years ago, the YouTube streaming service stopped working on Samsung phones from 2012 and earlier. Users of these devices had to buy a set-top box or replace the TV set. The end of Android TV support won’t come before the end of the decade. The vast majority of devices are still sold with the older version of the system.

What changes to Google TV?

Google TV is more of a rebranding than a new platform, as it still builds on well-known solutions from Android TV. So you can still enjoy a large selection of apps on the Google Play Store. Chromecast is also built in, which means quick and easy sharing of content from a phone, tablet or laptop. Android TV focuses on “boxes” with apps in which the user has to search for content that interests them. There are more recommendations on Google TV that link content from different streaming platforms purchased. The list of content to be viewed can be compiled via smartphone or computer. It will later be shown on TV. Google TV also has an engine that recommends content based on previously viewed items.

People with children can create a channel profile specifically for them, so that there is only content recommended for their age group. Parents can also program the TV to turn it off at bedtime. The program allows you to create several individual profiles of family members, in accordance with their preferences. The new operating system includes solutions not only related to multimedia. People who have a Google Nest Camera can see the image from them on their TV. Google TV also allows you to control home appliances, for example, lighting. One additional feature is the slideshow from Google Photos. The new system may also become a certain alternative to digital terrestrial television. In the United States, Google TV in cooperation with Pluto made 300 free TV channels available. At the moment, the service is not available in Poland, similar to the similar service offered by TV manufacturers (including Samsung and LG).

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