How to find a really cheap flight?  The expert reveals strategies

Airline and airport employee strikes are often related to financial conditions. To meet them, employers must increase their revenues. Airports pass the costs on to airlines, who pass them on to passengers. In addition, there are increasing environmental requirements, which also cost money to meet. For example, France believes that air ticket prices in the European Union are too low because they do not protect the climate.

So can we talk about cheap flying today? The expert we spoke to says yes. It also suggests strategies used by cheap ticket hunters.

We asked Deniz Rymkiewicz, expert of the travel platform, among others: about this What does “cheap flight” even mean today and when can you consider the price good?

– The definition of “cheap flight” is relative and is determined mainly by two factors: the budget amount and the structure of household expenses, as well as the specificity of individual foreign destinations. In the first example, the calculation is simple: the more budget we have after deducting the maintenance costs needed each month, the higher the threshold at which a given price level can be considered “good” or “low” enough – our interlocutor points out at the beginning.

He also cites data showing that Poles are willing to spend more and more on trips. The NBP report on spending by Poles on trips abroad showed that in the last quarter of 2023, we spent 800 million PLN on travel to other countries compared to the same period of the previous year, which means an increase of 10.5%. every year.

The second element of “cheap flying” to which Remkiewicz draws attention concerns the average prices for air connections that we can observe on a given route throughout the year.

For example, if the price of a round trip flight to Barcelona is currently 400-450 PLN, the most common price is around 600-700 PLN, and we can safely say that it is a really competitive price. Such an offer will be beneficial to our budget. At the same time, if we want to spend the same amount on a one-way flight to London, Bari or Vienna as Barcelona in its “attractive” version, it is worth thinking twice about such a transaction: prices for calls to each of these cities start from 120 zlotys. PLN to PLN 140 in both directions.

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When and how to buy cheap air tickets?

Deniz Rimkiewicz points out that there are many strategies for saving on flights, including several that are relatively new and have become popular in the past decade, including: Thanks to the rapid development of online travel platforms. Experts suggest so If we use the following tips when searching for air tickets, the chances of finding cheap air tickets will be much higher:

  • Let’s look for flights in the middle of the week, preferably at night or in the evening.

After that, airlines update their route networks, and historical data shows that this is the time when the most attractive offers appear.

  • Let’s compare the connections available directly on airline websites with similar flights available on travel platforms.

Due to the fact that lines use so-called dynamic price lists that allow you to manage tariffs in real time and without human intervention, cheaper offers can sometimes be found on online platforms because updating the information provided to them by carriers takes up to 20 minutes. It is important to use trusted travel platforms that have already signed commercial agreements with airlines.

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  • Don’t be afraid of communications with transfers.

A flight with a transfer on a large HUB airline may not only be more cost effective than a direct connection, but it may also be an opportunity to visit another city while waiting for the next flight. Another interesting solution is the so-called multi-line flights, which are only available on online travel platforms. With this solution, two different airlines will take you back and forth, allowing you to financially optimize your trip. Here, likewise, you should only buy them on reputable platforms and official airline partners.

  • Let us be flexible in choosing your departure location as well as your travel dates and times.

Often, postponing the trip for a few days and flying from a city other than ours (or even another country on the border with Poland) allows you to save up to 50%. Travel values. For example, Krakow residents have a nearby airport in Katowice, which can offer a lower price on the same route.

  • Let’s book flights as early as possible.

The price of the same ticket, bought by someone three months in advance and booked by another person two weeks before departure, will be completely different – of course to the benefit of the passenger who decides to buy it in advance. It can be said that in this way, airlines “reward” customer behavior, allowing them to pre-fill the plane. That’s why we’ve been saying for years that there is practically no such thing as “last minute.” For example, in our latest analysis, we showed that prices for tickets to Croatia for June-August 2024, booked by users in mid-April, were tens of percent cheaper than those purchased in May.

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What awaits us in the future?

There are many global commentators who say that the era of cheap flying, if it has not ended already, will soon. But Deniz Rimkiewicz has a different point of view on this matter. Although it comes down to the fact that the definition of cheap flying has changed a little. It is more about the balance of benefits than just the lowest possible price.

– Cheap flying is sure to be with us in the coming years. Firstly, because low-budget (so-called low-cost) airlines continue to develop their offers, expand their network of connections with new, previously inaccessible destinations, and increase the frequency of flights, which is helped by, among other things, orders for delivery More planes. This is a result of growing expectations on the part of the consumer for who After the pandemic, price is no longer the decisive criterion: we have begun to choose offers with the best value for money, which – although they may be more expensive – will provide us with comfort and will be tailored to individual needs – The expert explains.

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