How to Buy Tickets for Goldplay in Lima via TeleTicket Interbank Ticket Price and Concert Skills 2022 Pre-Sales Training Steps |  Performances

This Monday, December 13th, you can see the pre-sale of exclusive tickets . Thousands of fans will be waiting for the page To get one of the long-awaited tickets to the concert on September 20 at the National Stadium. That’s why we provide you with all the steps to purchase.

More info Coldplay in Lima: These are the prices and areas for the concert

Coldplay will return to Lima six years after their first concert, and will do so within the framework of their “Music of Spears” tour. A British band led by Chris Martin presents their new songs to Lima and the public .

When can I buy tickets for Goldplay in Lima?

It should be noted that the pre-sale of tickets for Goldplay in Lima starts from 10am this Monday, in addition, you will have to remember that there will be a virtual queue to buy your tickets to this huge event. .

The exclusive pre-sale for Interbank users will last from Monday the 13th to Tuesday the 14th and the general sale will start from Wednesday the 15th. You can see more details .

Discount prices and potential of parts for Coldplay in Lima

Zone General price Discount price between banks Total capacity Capacity between banks
Midwest S /. 764.75 S /. 665.00 1,480 740
West1 S /. 690 S / 600.00 1,651 825
West2 S / 506.00 S / 440.00 2,418 1,249
Court1 S / 793.50 S / 690.00 8,000 4,000
Court 2 S / 517.50 S / 450.00 10,000 5,000
Middle East S / 764.50 S / 665.00 1,823 911
East1 S / 690.00 S / 600.00 1,764 882
East2 S / 506.00 S / 440.00 2,720 1,360
Northern position S / 172.50 S / 150.00 10,000 5,000
Ticket price to see Goldplay in Lima

How to buy tickets for Goldplay in Lima?

1. Create an account on DeleTicket ()

2. Check if the internet shopping option is enabled on your cell phone.

3. Access the Delicate ticket website.

4. Log in to the created Delicate ticket account.

5. Select the Coldplay concert.

6. Click Tickets or Tickets to Buy (maximum 4 tickets per buyer).

* Before massive events, we remind you again that you need to create a virtual array. We leave the Teledict ticket tutorial to take into account what this process will look like when you purchase.

Considerations for purchasing tickets for Goldplay in Lima

  • For pre-sale of tickets, the ticket will be sold through the website only.
  • The minimum age to enter a Coldplay concert is 7 years. Children under that age should also come along.
  • Listed areas are west and east only. There will be unlisted places in Tribune, while cannabis will be stand-up.

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