How much will we pay to plow, hoe, lime, and sow?  Prices for agricultural services after harvest 2023

The price list for the most popular post-harvest agricultural services for this year will not differ much from last year’s prices. It is true that in some cases it is a little cheaper, but most of the prices for services will remain at levels similar to last year.

This season, we have low prices for diesel oil, which is a large part of the cost of servicing, but unfortunately other consumables, such as spare parts, not to mention the machines themselves, have recorded significant increases throughout the year, and this means that service prices are not going down, he explained. service providers.

Turning to the prices for the services themselves, one of the most common prices in the post-harvest period is the removal of manure and lime. In this case, when it comes to spreading lime using spreaders suitable for this purpose, we will pay no less than PLN 15 per ton with loading, but often the prices fluctuate between PLN 18 and PLN 20. In fact, the same rates apply for spreading manure.

Another popular service is the disk service, which is a little cheaper compared to last year, because we can easily find offers up to PLN 180 per hectare, which was very difficult last year, but currently most prices range from PLN 200 to PLN 250 per hectare the one .

Tillage is also a service that farmers choose willingly, in which case the prices for the service are usually settled per hectare of work done and usually fluctuate between PLN 280 and even PLN 380 per hectare.

On the other hand, for sowing cereals or rape with negative sowing aggregate, the prices usually fluctuate between PLN 200 and 250 per hectare, and in the case where the sum depends on a rotary harrow, it should be PLN 50-60 per hectare added to the above rates.

Strip sowing services are also very popular, with prices per hectare of work starting from PLN 400 and can reach PLN 600 in some parts of the country.

Of course, all of the above prices are starting prices and the final price, as always, depends on the size of the order and, of course, on how strong the competition is in a particular area.

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