How much should you tip at a restaurant?

What is advice and where does it come from?

advice to A form of thanks for the high quality of servicewhich is expressed in the form Cash gratuitiesY. Tipping is very popular when using various services, including: Restaurants, hotels and courier services.

naturally, Tipping habits Maybe differs, Depending on the beliefs and culture of a particular country. And at least the tip Not legally bindingHowever, in some places it is considered so-called Moral coercion.

usually Giving someone a tip comes from 17th century England.When guests renting private accommodations began to leave small amounts of money to the servants working for the homeowner. Then, this type of thank you for the service quickly moved on London restaurants and cafesIt was soon practiced in many places around the world.

Interestingly, In some countries, attempting to tip someone may be considered inappropriate behavior. In Japan, China and Iran, tipping is discouraged and considered culturally acceptable Inappropriate behaviorH.

On the other side In the United Kingdom, France and Greece, tipping mostly It is automatically included in the invoice. It is generally accepted in Poland that tipping is not obligatory, but it is certainly “welcome”. It should be emphasized that such satisfaction exists, especially in gastronomy An important element that affects the monthly salary of waiters, for example.

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How big should the party be?

Experts from know how Emphasis on that It is good manners to leave a 10% tip. The amount on the account. Let’s remember that more and more restaurants are appearing in Poland They automatically add the price of the service to the invoice. However, the food outlet should be tWhat information should be included, for example, on a menu card?u. Then, in such a case, it is possible to leave an additional tip Individual matter.

In addition, if a tip is automatically included in your bill and we are not satisfied with the service, We are entitled to provide our comments when requesting an invoice.

In addition, a tip equals 10 percent. The final order amount is “acceptable” in most countries of the world, but there are cases For example, in the United States, when restaurant employees expect a higher tipdirectly expressing their dissatisfaction with the current situation and Expect 15-20 percent.

Some evidence of life indicates this The tip was 15%. If the bill does not exceed PLN 100 And 10% when the bill is higher than PLN 100. Specialists emphasize that in the case of gross misconduct, e.g. Uncivilized behavior of the waiterwe can Reduce the edge Or completely refrain from giving it.

First of all, you should not announce to the whole world that you have decided on “such a gesture” and thus expect appreciation from other restaurant guests. Such behavior is definitely tactless. We can leave a tip on the table by putting money in what is called a payerwhich we receive when the waiter hands us the bill.

A tip is a form of thanks for the high quality of service

A tip is a form of thanks for the high quality of service123RF/pixel

Many dining options offer this option Pay a tip using a payment card by tapping it at the payment terminal. Then we choose the tip amount ourselves at the station and accept the operation.

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