How about the infamous $6,500 harness from OD's Megane shop

It hasn’t even been a weekDouble Occupancy Martinique Some candidates are already standing out and sparking conversations at trade shows. This is especially the case Megane, the owner of a saddle High-end in Terrebonne, it has a taste for luxury and isn’t afraid to assert it loud and clear.

“I see myself as the Louis Vuitton of horses. It’s high-end, I sell $5-6,500 a saddle,” he was heard saying on the Sept. 19 episode when he met the boys for the first time on the adventure.

According to the editing of the following chapters, Meghan He repeated this information several times. Advertised as genuine leather thrones and everyone’s dream, the whole thing about these famous saddles has piqued the interest of many. eaters Riders.

Horse saddles.My Megan Upholstery

Searching on the website My Megan Upholstery, we can actually see prices for saddles ranging from $5,000 to $6,500. The MAYGAN single flap dressage saddle is very expensive.

“The horse appreciates the lightness of the single flap. The saddle is very stable and the panels work perfectly on your horse. The leather comes from a French tannery and is of a well-chosen cut. Our pommels are made in England,” says the product description.

The boutique also offers other quality items that horse riding enthusiasts will want to go there. Hats, bridles, halter, saddle covers and more are part of the available catalog.

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