June 10, 2023


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housing allowance. A washing machine or refrigerator will be deducted from your tax. See how you do it

housing allowance. You can deduct home appliances from your tax

According to Polish law, a person who buys and then sells real estate within five years from the date of purchase or acquisition must pay a tax of 19%.

However, if the funds received are found Designed for residential purposesyou can take advantage of it With tax exemption. Then you should send PIT-39.

The housing exemption allows you to reduce your income tax costs. According to the current regulations, various expenses incurred for housing purposes can be deducted from the tax, not only the purchase or renovation of a residential building, but also Buying household appliances.

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housing allowance. What can be tax deductible?

As part of the housing allowance, you can deduct expenses incurred for the purchase of the following equipment:

  • gas cooker,
  • electric or gas electric cooker,
  • induction stove,
  • ceramic plate,
  • oven,
  • dishwashers
  • Washing Machine,
  • ceiling and interior wall lighting,
  • Kitchen hoods.

According to the interpretation of the Minister of Finance, the expenses incurred on household appliances are classified as construction, restoration or finishing expenses, because they are the end of gas, gas, electricity, electricity, water supply, water supply and sewage or ventilation facilities. Therefore, they can be taken into account when using housing relief.

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