Horrible situation after the Champions League final.  "It can't be like that. It doesn't make sense."

A few weeks have passed since the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool. Some fans still can’t forget this event because… they get fines. This is for a very simple reason.

One Real Madrid fan who decided to go to Paris for the Champions League final is 41-year-old David Gonzalez. He was accompanied by a young man of 15 and 70, as well as three of his peers. The man told a surprising story in an interview with the daily AS.

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We traveled to Paris on the day of the match and the hours before the match decided to spend the same time with everyone else – we went to the center and saw the fan zone and visited some citiesAbout – says Gonzalez.

As it turned out, a simple walk cost them a lot of money.

On the Champs Elysees, the police stopped us and asked us to show our ID cards. We had no problem with that as we had nothing to hide. To our surprise, a month later, we received two tickets to participate in a banned demonstration. And we just walked in club jerseys and flags, just like thousands of other fans! We didn’t even sing! We can’t believe it and don’t know what to do with it – Added Real Madrid fan.

Krulevsky’s sympathizer also complained about the organization of the final itself.

Organizing this final was tragic, it was a horrible experience. We cannot accept the fact that we now have to pay €375 to walk the Champs-Elysées. a lot of money. Aside from the fact that we were the victims of a horrific organization, we now have to pay for it. It cannot be so. It makes no sense – added.

The Champions League final, which took place at the end of May, ended with a victory for Real Madrid. The Kings defeated Liverpool 1-0.

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