Hołownia installed Giertych.  It's about the lotus

Journalists in the House of Representatives asked Szymon Hołownia about the merger of Orlen with Lotos, the possibility of appointing an investigation committee into this matter and the option to invalidate this deal, as stated by MP for KO Roman Giertych.

“Cancellation” of the sale of Lotos assets. Szymon Hołownia improves mood

The Marshal of the House of Representatives said that he had not received any request to appoint an investigation committee in this regard. He stressed that his formation – Poland 2050 – repeatedly sounded the alarm that this merger raises doubts and all its circumstances must be clarified due to its impact on the fuel market.

Speaking about the issue of canceling the merger, Holonia confirmed that he would like to do so “The distinction between political journalism and politics itself”.

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Invalidation is a very big issue, and in this case fundamentally – I always respect Rep. Gertich's opinion as a distinguished lawyer, but the agencies that will deal with him directly must speak out. Of course, politicians who are not directly involved can make their demands in this regard. I understand that he is talking about such a request, Hołownia said.

– But we are talking about a sensitive issue. We talk about energy security in the Republic of Poland, we talk about the causes of wars in the world or what makes it possible to maintain peace and develop countries. That is why we have to be very careful in this matter and not see it as another opportunity for political attack, because we can harm ourselves and harm ourselves.. The House Marshal added: “We have to deal with the matter with extreme caution, professionalism and coolness.”

Financial Supervision Bureau report: Selling Lotus assets at a lower price. Roman Girtich calls

In July 2023, the Financial Supervision Bureau prepared a report on, among other things, the merger of Orlin with Lotus after the inspection by the Ministry of State Assets. TVN24 journalists found the not yet published document. According to the Supreme Audit Office, Saudi Aramco paid PLN 7.2 billion less for the Lotus stake than it was entitled to..

At a press conference, Gertich described these results as “absolutely outrageous.” – A situation in which the government sold Lotos, virtually the entire company, or at least the most important assets, for 3 or 4 billion PLN less than its own valuations, and in fact 5 to 7 billion PLN according to the Supreme Audit Office valuations, a situation Unprecedented. We were dealing with perhaps the biggest economic scandal. There is only one question in this case: who took the money on the side? This question must be asked, and the Prosecutor's Office must answer this question – Deputy KO emphasized.

He appealed to the Attorney General and National Prosecutor to take ex officio action so that “the investigation begins immediately and the documents in this case are secured.” He added that he would like to meet next week with the head of the Public Prosecutor's Office “to study the legal possibility of nullifying this deal.”.

Orlin comments

Orlin's statement on Monday noted that “the sale of part of the assets of Lotus results from the implementation of the remedial measures indicated by him.” European CommissionThey were carried out in accordance with the market valuation of these assets, in full compliance with legal provisions and under the supervision of state authorities. “, the company said.

In 2022, the District Court of Łódź-Schrodmissie in Łódź registered the merger of PKN Orlen with Grupa Lotos.

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