Many famous gaming characters have Hollywood to thank for their fame. It is evident that Tinseltown has influenced most video game genres to a certain extent. However, it would be more accurate to say that video games and Hollywood influence each other.

This influence can be seen in all video games, including online casino games like slots. There are many such games that you’ll have to read reviews by reputable writers to get the right games. For instance, Jennifer Newell, one of Maple Casino’s writers, has written several reviews that can guide you in your selection of online casinos and online casino games. This article looks at how the symbiotic relationship between Hollywood and gaming began.

How It All Started

Video game films started to make their way to the silver screen between the 80s and 90s. This relationship began with Tron and the first Super Mario Bros movie. During this era, the collaboration between game developers and film companies became prevalent and successful projects were released.

Steven Spielberg

In 1997, Steven Spielberg conceived the idea of a video called Medal of Honor. The game gave birth to a thriving franchise that produced 17 games. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond was the most recent release from the franchise marking 20 years since the franchise was launched.

Lionsgate Executives

Dean Devlin and Jon Feltheimer, two Lionsgate executives, joined Zenimax Media in 2000. Zenimax Media owns several famous IPs, including Doom, Dishonoured, and The Elder Scrolls Online. Additionally, action star Vin Diesel launched his development company, Tigon Studios.

Other Examples

The dramatic growth of streaming services such as HBO Max and Netflix has encouraged Hollywood to provide many video game-based TV series to modern audiences. Several TV adaptations have been released recently, and some notable ones include Arcane from League of Legends, Castlevania, and Witcher.  

These TV shows have shown Hollywood’s changing priorities. In the past, films based on video games did not receive the expected viewership. However, Hollywood discovered a more profitable way for its video game adaptations by moving to home streaming platforms.

Movies usually lose video games’ interactive element, which results in a lack of appealing story elements. While this is a common challenge for films, it doesn’t seem to be as much of a challenge for TV shows. Moreover, TV has emerged as the more popular medium of entertainment at the moment.

What Does the Future Hold

Despite there being a turbulent relationship between Hollywood and video games, there is a longstanding demand for high-quality video game adaptations from Hollywood. Even though Hollywood can be credited for many of gaming’s greatest success stories, the relationship is still complicated. The two industries have benefited from each other.

However, it is not straightforward to predict the future of the entertainment sector. Based on what we’ve experienced so far, it is correct to state that neither of the two industries would succeed without the help of the other. Experts also claim that this symbiotic relationship will continue for a while.     


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