Holland: A Pole with cash in his bag.  It's for Ferrari and Mercedes.

The man was arrested on Thursday the 13th after that, when he passed at the airport in Eindhoven by control. Was in a hurry to travel to Krakow. Airport staff noticed a lot of money in his bag and reported it to the gendarmerie.

The man confirmed that he withdrew the money and exchanged it in Poland from zlotys to euros for an advance on the purchase of brand cars. Ferrari and Mercedes AMG in Belgium, but did not buy it. The money came from his work.

– We could not get clear information about whether the man obtained the money legally. This is the reason for his arrest – a spokesman for the Marechaussee (military police) explained on Friday.

The problem of services was that our citizens He had no evidence of the origin of the money. A gendarmerie spokesman told Dutch media that the Pole had argued that he had been running the company since 2007 and that he had been paying cash regularly. So far, investigators have not been able to confirm whether the company actually exists.

Of course we asked him about it Account statementBut a Marechaussee spokesman said Marechaussee had almost no money.

In the few accounts that the man was able to show, there was More loans than moneyand gave it to him The financial statements were in Polish and illegible. The police are investigating this matter.

A gendarmerie spokesman stated that there is no limit to the amount of cash you can take with you on the trip. He said, “You can take whatever you want.” But More than 10,000 transfers must be announced in advance. He added – especially with large sums, we will check if the money was obtained legally.

People were asked if they had a lot of cash with them, and he replied, “But they usually have good reasons for doing so and can prove that the money was obtained legally.”

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