Holidays for Kamil Glik.  wrestler.  His teammates are having fun on the beach after Mo, and he is ... the Polish national team

Poland’s representatives ended their participation in the World Championships on Sunday, December 4th. They then lost to France 3-1 in the round of 16 match. Most of the players almost immediately went on a well-deserved short vacation after participating in the tournament. but not Kamel Glik.

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This is how Camille Celik spends his vacation after the World Cup. His teammates are having fun on the beach as he battles in the second division

The 34-year-old immediately returned to Italy and joined his squad. Benevento Calcio. series B, like other lower leagues in Europe, did not have much rest due to the World Cup in Qatar. In Celik’s absence, the team managed to play two matches (a 2-2 draw with Reggina and a 0-1 loss with Palermo). Previously, the pole was suspended due to injury and could not help his teammates fighting More league points.

“I don’t buy it. We were probably the weakest team in the World Cup group stage”

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However, Glick did everything to get himself into full fitness for the World Cup. He even used a hyperbaric chamber specially imported from Poland. This effort is paying off. The defender impressed with his fine form and played in all four of the Reds and Whites’ World Cup encounters from the first minute to the last. In total, he spent 360 minutes on the field. Now he’s back in the club too.

He didn’t take his well-deserved vacation, instead quickly checked in at the club’s facility, resumed training, and on Thursday was in the starting line-up for the first leg against Parma. Less than four days until the match against France. It can be said that Camille Celik brought a professional approach to a football career to a new level.

What’s more, Pole played in this match with the captain’s armband. The return to the second division courts started very well for our compatriot and his teammates. Francesco Forte gave Benevento the lead in the 20th minute. Twelve minutes later, Franco Vazquez missed his chance to equalize from the penalty spot. The teams went into the second half with a score of 0-1.

After changing sides, Parma sought to equalize at any cost (Adrian Benedyczak appeared in their composition from the 46th minute). However, the next minutes passed, and the hosts were unable to force the defense led by Glick. They did not succeed in equalizing, despite the numerical superiority, because in the 80th minute, Hamza Al-Kawakibi received a red card. Benevento maintained a modest lead with ten men and collected the very valuable three points.

The victory allowed Camille Celik’s team to get out of the relegation zone at least until the end of the planned period. Friday meetings. Currently, Benevento is in 14th place and two points ahead of relegation-threatened teams.

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