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Last Saturday, December 11, the actor DMK He came to shoot “El Reventonaso de la Zola” to promote his new film “El Repugio”. During one section of the show, he met the famous ‘cousin’ Claudia Serba and played a practical joke on him, which made everyone in the studio laugh.

Also, I have no qualms about remembering that the protagonist of the “Asu Mare” tapes removed Claudia Serba in “Artist of the Year”.

See | Carlos Alcondara’s horrific comedy for Claudia Serba after being expelled from “The Artist of the Year”

The actor first asked Claudia Serba for an autograph, and he gave her his admiration; However, the purpose of ‘Cachín’ is nothing more than to “exchange” the singer’s signature for the sauce boat.

“I want to offer you my compliments. If you are so kind, I would like to give you an autograph … They give her three autographs, one from Yahra (Placencia) ”, Said Carlos Alcondara, who evoked laughter from everyone on the set.

Carlos Alcondara and Claudia Serba

Immediately, Claudia Serba left the painting, while ‘Sola Sabuka’ and the cast chanted Harangu: “No se wa”. The space, led by Ernesto Pimentel, tends to play some jokes on its members.

As recalled, Claudia Serba was dissatisfied with his removal from the “Artist of the Year”. Like she said, she should have come to the finals, but the jury’s decision worked against her.

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