High speed as a time travel method?  Scientists are not convinced

Time travel has been occupying the minds of not only scientists but also ordinary people for years. There are a lot of hypotheses about them, and one of them is that a sufficient change in velocity should have a “carrying” effect in time.

However, there At least two problems. First, humanity is not even close to the speed of light. The fastest man-made object, a space probe, traveled at a speed of “only” 150 kilometers per second.

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Second, the speed of light appears to be necessary to go beyond the concept of time travel, if any. Havel Keating’s 1971 experiment showed that a clock on an airplane experienced slower hands than clocks on the surface. In contrast, it has been observed in recent years that atomic clocks operate at different speeds if one moves faster than the other.

Time travel by reaching a sufficiently high speed does not seem possible

This is called time dilation, and Shaun Matt from the University of Exeter notes that traveling near the speed of light will make us travel in time much faster than others. So, in theory, we have a way of such trips – unfortunately, it is one-sided and there is no going back. Besides, experts agree that the speed of light cannot be exceeded – at least within the framework of the rules that govern the universe as we know it today.

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So what can be said about time travel? Developing a high enough speed may change how we feel over time, but it will only be a one-way trip. It does not appear that time travel is possible to exceed the speed of light. The reason is simple: the speed of light cannot be exceeded.

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