February 1, 2023


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HIGH League 5: Definite victory for Damian Janikowski! Don Diego dominated the ground floor!

Damian Janikowski He won by unanimous decision at tonight’s event Premier League 5 in the boat. The Olympic medalist dominated Mateusz “Don Diego” Kubiszyn on the ground for all three rounds. For Damian, this was the first performance in an eccentric organization.

The first attacker was Kubiszyn, who made a combination of boxing and striking with a low kick. After a while, Janikowski turned into a short circuit and then showed an amazing throw. Mateusz fell on his back and Damien took a sideways stance. The Olympic medalist in wrestling attacked from above, confidently controlling his opponent on the carpet. At the end of the round, Janikowski chokeslammed North and South, but “Don Diego” made it to the buzzer.

Don Diego hit a series of kicks after the start of the second set. Mateusz went on the offensive, attacking with a jump board, to which Janikowski responded with another effective takedown. Kubiszyn found himself in the turtle position and later moved to his back. Damien landed again in the sideline position, as he was breaking through Kubiszyn, at the same time looking to reach the finishing touch technique. Janikowski held the lead until the end of the round, which was completely under his control.

Kubiszyn continued to attack in the third round, unsuccessfully trying to surprise his opponent with stunning kicks. Damian immediately decided to move the movement to the ground floor. In this plane, Mateusz was completely dominant. “Don Diego” couldn’t find an answer to Janikowski’s wrestling and ground control. After three rounds of fighting, the hand of Damian Janikovsky, who won by unanimous decision, rose.

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Damian Janikowski Field Mateusz “Don Diego” Kubiszyn by unanimous decision

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