High fuel prices in Orlin.  Daniel Obajtek responds to the "blatant opposition": We do not plunder the Poles

Daniel Obajtik In an interview with TVP Info, he was asked to comment on allegations from the opposition that Orlin was “looting Poles at gas stations”. president Orlin Claims that because of the war in Ukraine fuel prices They are tall.

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LASUTA: In March, Morawiki and Obagtek announced a ban on raw materials from Russia. It’s been 7 months and nothing has happened

Daniel Obajtek talks about fuel prices in Orlin. “Of course I realize it’s expensive.”

– Oil is not getting cheaper and we can see what the situation looks like. Second, we have a military situation in Europe. Please see prices outside the border. Of course, I realized that it is expensive, but Poland has one of the cheapest fuels in Europe – argued Daniel Obajtek.

president Orlin He is right in one aspect – fuel prices in Poland, compared to Europe, are lower (but not the lowest), but only in terms of currency. If you compare it to your wages, it turns out that a Luxembourgian can travel up to 500 for the minimum daily wage. kilometersand a pole only 164 kilometers – according to the data of Rankomat.pl.

Read more updated information On the home page Gazeta.pl.

The government is reassuring about imported coal. “It’s definitely on fire.”

Daniel Obajtek also argued that fuel is “of course still very expensive”, but the main reason for this is the price of a barrel of oil, which sometimes costs more than $100. – This is a dollar issue. We settle in dollars. He added that we do not follow the policy of plundering the Poles, as the opposition says. According to President Orlin, if the station “loots the Poles”, it will not be able to enjoy more customers. – Orlin is actually looting the fuel mafia. Previously, these profits went to the fuel mafia, and the value-added tax mafia (…). We are a global concern. We have this revenue from overseas market. And the opposition screams that we win – summed up.

In May 2022, Obajtek was asked on Radio Jedynka how much Orlen earns per liter of fuel. Then the head of Orelnu hid a “company secret”, which he did not disclose, but added that the “low” fuel prices were due to the government, which lowered the production tax and value-added tax.

Was Obagtec the one who initiated the formation of the concrete companies?  Our comment OrlenWas Obagtec the one who initiated the formation of the concrete companies? Our comment Orlen

Fuel prices – what are the prices at gas stations?

The price of fuel is the sum of several components, the bulk of which cost Buy a product in a refinery. In addition, drivers are taxed in the form of: production tax, fuel surcharge, emissions levy, value-added tax, and station retail margin. Consumption tax ranges from 20 to 30 per cent. buy fuel. In contrast, the fuel surcharge raises fuel prices by about 3-5 percent. by type. money Of these fees are allocated to the National Road Fund and the Railway Fund.

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