High bills for heating, electricity and gas.  Bartlomiej Derski's comments

Due to record high energy prices, the European Commission announced action on crisis intervention and structural reform of the electricity market. And the wholesale prices of electricity with delivery next year in France last Friday exceeded 1,000 euros per megawatt-hour, while in Germany it reached 829 euros. This is linked to the rise in gas prices in European markets.

Spain Portugal has already made interventions in their markets. They set the maximum gas price that can be taken into account when producing electricity. There is energy cheaper than us France. Gas for power plants is subsidized from the state budget – explained Bartłomiej Derski of WysokieNapiecie.pl in an interview with TVN24 Biznes.

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unusual activities

It is impossible to replace overnight deliveries Russia. Coal, oil and natural gas mines did not have free production capacities that could start and replace Russia, which exports more than ten percent of each of these raw materials. In the case of Europe, it is the largest supplier.

When asked what actions the Polish government can take, the expert replied that it might freeze customs duties.

– Of course, the gap will be covered by our taxes. This means that the state budget deficit may be very high and will have to be paid in the coming years. He explained that in the short term, educational campaigns encouraging the public to take extraordinary measures to save energy are also important, and in the long term, there are much greater investments in energy efficiency and independence from fossil fuels.

However, it is believed that because of the upcoming elections, politicians are not interested in this topic in Poland.

They want to reassure society by showing that everything is fine, that they are dealing with the situation. He explained that they fear that encouraging them to save will anger the community.

Who is at worst?

Poland has limited the export of electricity, and due to the fact that we have closed ourselves to trade with our neighbors, prices in Poland on the market are much lower than in Germany. However, there are not many nuclear power plants in France. Some are under renovation for long periods, and inefficient gas-fired power plants are in operation. The French were a huge source of electricity until now, and now they are importers and buy expensive energy from Germany.

fuel prices And energy in Africa or Asia, this is also the result of the economic war declared to Russia. The upheaval in Africa and South America is the result of this war. It can be expected that we are also at risk of social unrest and riots. Russia is counting on it. He noted that the growing wave of protests is already evident in Great Britain, for example.

They will break because they don’t want to freeze Donbass

– Putin hopes that European governments will break criticism of their societies that will not want to “freeze for the Donbass” and that European politicians will begin to pressure Kyiv to recognize Russia’s territorial gains in Ukraine, which will lead to the normalization of relations over time. Between the West and Russia, according to his assessment.

Bartłomiej Derski expects prices to be peak at the end of the year.

– Later they will go down slowly. However, prices for end users always react with a delay, because electricity and gas are connected in advance. He stressed that this means that tariff rates, that is, in bills, will still reflect these very high current prices.

Main image source: PAP / Environmental Protection Agency

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