June 6, 2023


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Hiding your income will pay off.  Cancellation and reduction of the tax rate

Hiding your income will pay off. Cancellation and reduction of the tax rate

“In this way, the same legislator encourages people to hide their gains” – Comments of Andrzej Wapowski, Legal Counsel at ENODO Advisors in an interview with “DGP”.

Other experts – as we read – compare it to a situation where the thief and the murderer are not afraid of the consequences of their actions, because they know that if they are not caught in the next few months, they will be canceled.

Only 8 percent. tax


The repeal is intended to encourage disclosure of previously untaxed income to the tax office or opt-out from tax optimization. Whoever does that will pay 8%. Transitional lump sum in lieu of standard income tax, CIT, registered lump sum or tax card– Informs the newspaper.

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He also adds, you will have to pay 1 percent of the pardon request. Hidden earnings, but not more than 30 thousand. zloty.


“The main thing is that it will not only cover current income, that is, before 2022. It will be possible to apply for an amnesty in relation to the income obtained by the date of application, that is, de facto until March 31, 2023. Moreover, according to For experts, when considering, there can be no discretion over applications made by the tax office,” according to Dzinik Gazeta Brauna.

An open gate will be tempting