Hidden features in self-pay counters: when are they used?

Thick hats on the ears, bad mood, age – there are many reasons why we worse hear the messages spoken by the teacher in the self-service cash registers of the famous discount chain. The first button on the left, marked with the speaker icon, available under the touch screen at the bottom of the code reader, will help you change and do your shopping with ease. Thanks to that, we can turn up the volume when exiting the self-service. This is a convenience that will surely be appreciated by the hard of hearing.

Does the self-checkout process suddenly report an error? Do I need approval from the service to sell alcohol? There was a problem with deleting the goods? In all these situations, the help of store personnel is needed. Surely, everyone waited long minutes for such a person at least once or walked around the store in search of employees in one of the most popular discount stores in Poland. Meanwhile, such a situation can be easily avoided. One of the hidden functions of self-service payments is to contact the store staff. This can be done using the second button on the left marked by a triangle with an exclamation point on the vertical glass code reader.

What are the other hidden features of self-service payments? The third button on the left at the self-service checkout of the popular discount store allows you to quickly and easily scan the loyalty card or its code from the smartphone screen to take advantage of the discounts.

To make sure that the scale in the self-checkout service is working correctly, use the first button on the right (or the fourth button from the left). It allows you to deduct the weight of the package from the weight of the product. It should be used after the product has been placed on the scale.


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