He’s won a fortune in the lottery.  A lawsuit was filed against him by his family

It’s better to take a photo with your family – this famous proverb was experienced firsthand by a resident of the American state of Maine, who on January 13, 2023 He won one of the largest lottery jackpots in history.

An unknown man who He won $1.35 billionin November 2023 He filed a lawsuit against his daughter’s motherIt accused her of violating a confidentiality agreement by revealing information about her earnings to other family members.

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The woman denies these accusations and claims that he is the man He himself bragged about his success. Her version was confirmed by the winner’s father.

But now he has been taken to court Lawsuit against lottery winner, submitted by his relatives. They claim that when the man told them about his profits, he told them what he would spend some of the money on He didn’t keep his promise.

According to court documents reported by American media, “In February or March 2023, my son came to my house and informed me and my wife that he had won a large sum of money in the lottery.”

He’s won millions on the lottery. The case went to court

At least the man’s father says so He did not ask his son for moneyAnd this is a promise He will build a mechanical factory for himself and buy a houseWhere they previously lived together and A special trust fund will be established With a value of $1 million, his father will be able to spend it on treatment.

However, time has passed and the winner is still today He did not keep his promises. This soon affected the relationship between father and son, which deteriorated to the point that both men died They cut off all contact with each other.

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“I haven’t heard from my son since then, who is NHe did not do any of the things he promised“- witnessed the millionaire father.

The same lottery winner has a different opinion. “I made the mistake of telling my father that I won the lottery without him signing it Confidentiality agreements“- He said.

He also confirmed that he never told his father what he was going to do with the money, nor did he He made no promises.

The court will decide who is right.

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