Here’s Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane!  Lots of character portraits;  What’s happening in Metropolis?

It was a great day for everyone waiting for the movie Superman Directed by James Gunn – In the last twelve hours or so, a large batch of new images have appeared on the Internet from the production site in Cleveland, Ohio, which was transformed for the needs of a screen story into the Metropolis known from the comics. It started with images of David Corenswet’s hero costume; Now it’s time to Rachel Brosnahan Like Lois Lane.

The actress wears a distinctive costume, the same one we know from the Action Comics comic book series. Photos also include, among others: Jimmy Olsen (Skyler Gisondo), Ron Troup (Christopher McDonald(I’m Perry White)Wendell Pierce), not to mention that the other material gives us a much better look at the costumes of Superman and Mr. Terrific, who will be portraying him Eddie Gathegiwho is already in the group Nicholas Holta (Lex Luthor) or the illuminated Daily Planet logo. Take a look for yourself:

Superman – Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane and other images from the set

Invasion of the capital?

Based on the above images, American popular culture portals are trying to guess what actually happens in the movie Metropolis. Most of them tend to believe that there is an invasion of Superman’s city, as evidenced by the alien ships visible in some of the images. This is where the shackled characters come in; It is not impossible that in later sequences Lane, Olsen, Troup, and White would be involved in a hostage exchange.

It is also worth noting that the scenes documented in the photos were included in a television report hosted by Paige Mobley, who is famous for her comic strips.

We still have at least a month of work left on the set Superman. The film itself is scheduled to premiere in theaters on July 11 next year.

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