‘Here’: Tom Hanks and Robin Wright have been digitally recreated in the new film from the ‘Forrest Gump’ creator.  look at the pictures
30 years ago, Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, screenwriter Eric Roth and director Robert Zemeckis filmed the Oscar-winning film “Forrest Gump.” Now the artistic quartet returns with “Here,” in which Hanks and Wright have been digitally rejuvenated from the film.

Robert Zemeckis will use the latest technology

Based on Richard McGuire’s 2014 graphic novel of the same name, Here takes place over a century in a single location. The camera lingers in the corner of the room for 104 minutes, showing viewers the stories of the people who lived in the house. Hanks and Wright play Richard and Margaret, a couple who we’ll see in the film as high school students and 80-year-olds. The adaptation is meant to be a high-budget, emotional production aimed at a wide audience.

Robert Zemeckis, known for his passion for technologies that are changing the way films are made, has taken advantage of the latest technical advances in this field. All this thanks to the agreement signed by Miramax (producer of the film “Here”), the Hollywood agency CAA (which represents many creative people in the film industry) and Metaphysic, a company concerned with the use of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry. “Here” is the first project to use new tools used in films, series, other TV shows and the video game industry.

I’ve always been drawn to technology that helps tell storiesZemeckis said in a statement. In the case of “Here,” the film simply wouldn’t work if our actors didn’t seamlessly transform into younger versions of themselves. Metaphysical AI tools do this in ways that were previously impossible to prove! Having tested all the facial replacement and rejuvenation technologies currently available, Metaphysical definitely works He is A world leader in artificial intelligence with quality that meets the demands of feature cinema. She would be the perfect choice for this very difficult, emotional film“, said the manager.

The technology used for the first time in “Here” is called Metaphysics Live. The tool aims to create real-time masks that rejuvenate actors or completely change their faces. Its advantage is also ease of use, because after recording the image will not require any processing or enhancement using special effects. The company showed off examples of its equipment’s capabilities on “America’s Got Talent,” where Elvis Presley himself performed on stage alongside a computer-generated panel of judges.

“Here” is scheduled to premiere on November 15.

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