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One of the most tuned Turkish series “”, The story of love and revenge suspenses the public as each chapter passes. The show first aired on March 15, 2019, after which it captivated audiences with its intense storytelling , A couple must fight against everything and everyone must be together.

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There are heroes in the Ottoman production Akin Akinosu O Ebru SahinTwo young talents who have gained recognition from audiences around the world and created amazing descriptions of their characters.

“Hercule” There are three seasons in the air 69 chapters of 150 minutes, The last of them was given in the past tense April 25, 2021. Here are five facts you may not know about this successful product:

Akın Akınözü and Ebru Şahin, interspersed with Miran and Reyyan (Photo: Mia Yapım)

The title of the project

The name of the novel translates as ‘Pride’ in Spanish, however, the title has a deep and romantic meaning. ‘Herkai’ was born from a famous legend in Turkey, which tells the story of two flowers who fall in love and open their petals to greet the sun in the spring. These flowers are called ‘Herkai’, which means ‘poppy’.

House of Satoklu

The locations of the series are undoubtedly beautiful, especially where the Satoklu family resides. Outside of fiction, the mansion is an architectural construction belonging to a Syrian family who decided to donate it to the state when its owner died. Today, the site is a thriving open-air museum that serves as a recording collection for other novels.

Based on a book

The producers of the hit show were inspired by a book published in 2012 and have the same title. Although the work had a dark ending, the team of the Ottoman series decided to make a change in the passage of the episodes because it was not clear from the beginning and they made it up during the recordings.

This book was written by Somye Goyal of Turkey, who wrote a tragic ending (Photo: Herkoi 2, 2012)
This book was written by Turkish Somye Goyal, who wrote a tragic ending (Photo: Herkoi 2, 2012)

They wore the cover of an international magazine

A few months after its premiere in Turkey, the series caused a great deal of public outcry and was considered one of the most recognizable novels in its category, establishing itself as one of the five most viewed novels. This fame created heroes on the cover of the popular Cosmopolitan magazine, in its Turkish edition.

Where was it recorded?

Most of the scenes were filmed in the wonderful provinces of Turkey like Martin located in the southeast of the country. Similarly, a few chapters were located in the famous province of Sanliurfa.

What is “Herkie”?

The Centered on Ryan, the granddaughter of Satoklu, one of Myth’s most powerful families. Since she is not the biological granddaughter of Nasuhin, the clan leader, the young woman continues to be mistreated and humiliated at the expense of her cousin Yaran. However, it does not prevent Yaran’s fianc Miran from falling in love and eventually marrying her. But the play has just begun.

After their wedding night, after their wedding, Meeran married her only to avenge his familyBut is love bigger than hate?

Who are the actors and characters of “Herculean”?

  • Akin Akinosu (Meeran Aslanpe)
  • Ebru Sahin (Ryan Sadoglu)
  • Aida Axel (Assis Aslanpe)
  • Needle injection (Gonal Aslanpe)
  • Gülçin Santırcıoğlu (Sultan Aslanbe)
  • Duygu Yetiş (Elif Aslanbey)
  • Token character (Aslan Aslanpe)
  • Isaac Cone (Fazun Aslanpe)
  • Masjid Sonkan (Nasuh Sadoslu)
  • Serhat Dutmoulier (Hazar Sadoslu)
  • Ferrite Sedin (Zehra Satoglu)
  • Ebra Alya Demirplek (Gul Sadoslu)
  • Sardar Oser (Sihan Satoglu)
  • Kulsin Hadihan (Handan Satoglu)
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