Henry Cavill as Superman.  Behind the scenes of the canceled idea and the name of the screenwriter

Attention! This content is deceptive, so it may be true, but it may not be true.

Thanks to Hollywood Reporter journalists, more information has been unearthed about what’s going on behind the scenes of DC and what the idea is for Superman’s adventures with the new heads of the DCU console.

Man of Steel 2 – screenwriter

According to them, he was one of the screenwriters who presented his vision of a famous Superman movie Stephen KnightI am famous for the creator Poor disguise. Producers Warner Bros. However, they weren’t happy to see him and gave him quite a few comments. Then James Gann and Peter Safran were hired – then work on this project was suspended, because the gentlemen had to come up with a plan for the development of the universe.

It turns out that former DC Films president Walter Hamada was planning on bringing in Henry Cavill for the role of Superman and was working on a long-term plan. He has made cameos as Superman in various projects. It was meant to be the start of something bigger. The sources of the portal claim that at that time we were supposed to get a movie of a massive scale based on a comic book with the title Crisis on Infinite Earthsin which we were supposed to see different timelines from alternate parallel worlds. Then Superman was supposed to return permanently. The theme of the multiverse was previously supposed to be shown in flash, is set to premiere in 2023, and this remains the first DC project to feature it. In it we will get Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck as Batman.

At the moment, the details of Superman’s plan are unknown. We are waiting for the situation to develop, as there are conflicting reports about Henry Cavill’s future.

Hollywood Reporter

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