Heatwaves in Germany and Austria.  Even animals find it hard on hot days

Hot air flows from Africa to Germany. The authorities have appealed to the elderly, the sick and families with children to find a cool and shaded place on hot days – high temperatures combined with strong solar radiation can threaten health and life. It will also be hot in neighboring Austria.

The German weather service (Deutscher Wetterdienst) warned of a rise in temperatures. Forecasts show that on Sunday, thermometers could show up to 37°C in some places. Weather warnings of extreme heat have also been issued.

The German Ministry of Health stated that high temperature and solar radiation are especially dangerous for the elderly and people with chronic diseases, as well as for children. In hot weather, drink enough fluids and avoid strenuous exercise, especially in the late afternoon and early afternoon. The ministry also recommended caution for pregnant women and reminded them of the need to keep the house cool. Ventilation is only recommended when it is cooler outside than inside the apartment.

Animals cool off at the Berlin Zoo

On hot days, the Berlin Zoo prepares frozen meals for the animals. This allows them to cool.

– On Saturday we distributed some “ice bombs” to the gorillas. For them, these meals, especially on warm days, are a nice change. It’s always nice when the sun is shining and they can eat something cold. “We make it from fruit tea and yoghurt,” Christian Oss, an animal keeper at the Berlin Zoo, told Reuters.

Animals at Berlin Zoo keep cool by eating frozen meals

Hot in Austria

Austria will also be hit by a wave of hot air. Temperatures will rise to 35 degrees Celsius in some places on Monday. The state of Carinthia in southern Austria has launched a heat protection plan for more than 900 nursing homes, hospitals and other places where people are particularly exposed to high temperatures.

It’s not just people who need protection from the heat, said Pate Breitner, Carinthia’s chief health officer. “Let’s give our four-legged friends enough water, make sure they have a place in the shade and don’t leave them in cars,” she said. “A few minutes in the car can have serious consequences,” she added.

Climate change is to blame

Every year thousands of people across Europe die in heat waves. Experts believe that this problem will only become more severe due to the ongoing climate change.

Climate change and its consequences in the worldAdam Ziemienowicz, Maciej Zielinski/PAP

Main image source: Reuters

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