January 29, 2023


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Heartbroken, Dan Bigras announces the sad news

Heartbroken, Dan Bigras announces the sad news

It’s on Facebook Dan With a broken heart he announced his sad end:

Hello everyone. It is a great pleasure to announce Show to Asylum in general. Today is difficult. Very difficult. My heart is in pieces, but after thirty-two years of hard work and much musical enjoyment, I find myself tired and out of ideas. I’ve been doubting and putting off my decision for years….it’s now made. Others, younger, crazier… It’s time to make way for us National Robert.

After the release of the 2022 program, I will no longer be in charge of the program and will no longer be the spokesperson for Refuge des jeunes.

But the 32nd Show to Refuge will be held in Tohu on October 13th this year and will be broadcast on Radio-Canada in December with our guests:

Jeannette Reno

Kyline Tanguay



Marie-Nicole Lemieux

Of course, those who were at the first show, my old vocal friends:

Isabel Boulay

Lulu Hughes and

Loose Dufault.

Many thanks to my former producer Guy Latravers. Without him, the show would have died after the first two years. Thanks also to the wonderful France Beaudoin and his team, I’m going to be bored. A big thank you also to @Radio-Canada for 30 years of trust in us. This is completely unprecedented and thanks to you in particular. Without you, this show wouldn’t exist.

Speaking of you, our friends need you again this year. We look forward to seeing you in Tohu.

thank you very much.



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