Hear what a solar storm sounds like;  Scientists got a terrifying sound

Scientists from the Danish Technical University in use The European Space Agency (ESA) satellites got the sound of Earth’s magnetic field. The thing that protects us from harmful cosmic rays sounds very annoying.

Audio material was provided on Soundcloud by ESA. link here over here.

This undertaking was made possible by musician Klaus Nielsen, who used data from the European Space Agency’s satellites and used magnetic signals to obtain an “audible” equivalent of the state of the field surrounding the planet. The result was reproduced using 30 loudspeakers buried underground in Solberg Square in Copenhagen. This result is actually a solar storm since November 3, 2011.

Klaus Nielsen commented that this project was certainly a useful exercise in combining art and science.

Since 2013, three European Space Agency satellites have been accurately measuring magnetic signals of the Earth’s ‘sphere’. High accuracy is obtained by retrieving information from the Earth’s core, mantle, crust, ocean, ionosphere and magnetosphere, providing, inter alia, weather news in extraterrestrial space.

The magnetic field prevents the influence of cosmic rays and particles emitted from the sun on our planet. On October 24-30, on Solberg Square, the speakers resonated with the sound made by the scientists. The atypical “concert” takes place at specific times, i.e. 08.30, 13.00 and 19.00 local time. The interesting sound effects both fascinate and disturb at the same time.

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