Health care contribution.  SME Spokesperson Suggestion

Adam Abramovich, a spokesperson for SMEs, suggests that entrepreneurs who pay flat tax and flat rate tax pay a health insurance premium based on the national average salary.

  • There is no point in distinguishing between the amount of premium and income and this will encourage masking of income – says SME spokesperson
  • Adam Abramovich suggests that entrepreneurs pay a premium of 9 percent. The average wage in the national economy
  • More such information can be found on the home page of

– Entrepreneurs are reaching out to the government because they want to participate in financing health services to a greater extent than now – said Adam Abramovich, a spokesperson for SMEs.

It is suggested that entrepreneurs who pay with the flat tax pay a health insurance premium of 9%. The average wage in the national economy. In the case of 2022, it will be PLN 533.

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