Although the government has announced that students can return to classrooms at the beginning of the school year, some companies are not ready to send all their activities back to campus.

Raphael Miro

Raphael Miro

In his May 31 announcement, Higher Education Minister Daniel McCann announced that it was no longer necessary to maintain a one-meter distance between students. Therefore, the ministry has asked universities to be ready to welcome students without physical distance next fall. Returning to normal is subject to two conditions: when returning to class, 75% of 16- to 29-year-olds must be vaccinated and the health condition must be stable.

Shame on McGill and Laval

Yet not all universities are ready to return to normal immediately. At McGill, students began to choose their courses.

Our basic display is a meter display [de distance entre les étudiants], With the option to go to zero meter.

Fabrice Labo, First Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor of McGill University

According to the administration, in the “realistic” plan to be released at the beginning of the school year, only 60 to 65% of the lessons will take place in person. Even in its “optimistic” scenario, McGill plans only 75% to 80% of its face-to-face classes. “If we change our minds, it’s very difficult to change everything at once,” says Fabrice Lepo. For courses of 150 people and over, they will be offered at a distance in all scenes because large amphitheaters intended to accommodate them will be requested for smaller courses.

Laval University is also moving towards a somewhat distant fall. In the email sent Press, Director of Communications Simon La Terror confirmed that if the institution seeks to provide “maximum” activities, it will “have the vast opportunity of distance training in the 2021-2022 academic year”. In addition, the university promised in a press release dated 1There is Offering online courses in the fall will make it possible to study without a site in June.

Concordia University could not specify at what rate classes would be held on its campuses. However, like McClellan, its students have already demanded that he return to Montreal at the beginning of the school year.

“A bet” to other universities

On the other hand, other universities were involved Press Autumn means they are getting ready to act without physical difference.

Our bet is that it happens, most importantly, face to face.

Genevieve O’Mara, media spokesman for the University of Montreal

University of Montreal, University of Sherbrook, UQAM and the Federation des Shechebs are all cited Press They are preparing to return to school without physical distance, most classes are chatter. This does not mean that there will no longer be online courses: everywhere, it is emphasized that some new practices are appreciated and that they are here for the better.

Photo by Karen-Isabel Jean-Baptiste, Press

Entrance to Montreal University Library

This face-to-face betting involves a risk: the government must implement a “declining plan” if it is to re-establish distant demand. Genevieve O’Mera emphasizes that it is very difficult and not impossible to return to a situation where the year begins under the sign of physical distance.

The situation will not be fully rectified until August, when the public health update will inform universities if the vaccination target has been reached in a timely manner.

“Dual product” for teachers

Audrey Laplande, president of the General Union of Professors at the University of Montreal, said: “I am very pleased with the way the institution is planning to return to normalcy. However, he fears uncertainty for teachers this summer. “Teachers are tired and still don’t have time to recover from a year online,” he says. There, we want to be well prepared to make a dual product. He also fears that professors who may be affected by the disease will be forced to teach in person in the fall.

On the side of the Quebec Student Union (UEQ), we hope that universities will be able to accommodate international year students who will not be able to return to the country at the beginning of the school year. We also want to prevent uncertainty from complicating student planning, especially when finding dormitories. “We urge universities to announce their plans as soon as possible,” said UEQ President Samuel Poitros.

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